Sunday, April 1, 2018

A day With MOTUL

We have said it before but no harm saying it again because we got more confirmed clarification to back up our earlier research from the "pros"  MOTUL.

We covered everything in our  "The Engine Oil Topic" published   15 February 2016, then the biking community was still deep in the ignorance of engine oil choice. We mostly use Car oil which damages our bikes slowly till we transfer the agony to the unfortunate buyer, well you can blame it on the availability of the appropriate recommended oil  and the  illiterate roadside mechanic who transfers their illiteracy to our ignorant self (lol, no offense) the training made me more literate

The training was done in the  Infinity tire compound Isolo, Lagos  who played a great host to the participants, Auto-shop,  Boulos Nig, Bikerz of Lagos etc.

We don't have much to say but refer you to our previous publication and pictures from the training event. We are opened to any  engine oil related question and other motorcycle maintenance issues

            The engine oil is as important to the engine as blood is important to the human body 

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