Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Ride with Jet - Nigeria Chapter 4

It was a Friday and day after my Calabar trip; 24th Nov, 2017 - BT here we come. The BT is the Bikers Trophy that started in 2015 on virtually abandoned streets through towns in Nigeria. Isles of Man TT replica. But in 2017 it was to be held on a track for the first time and I wasn't missing this and one of the reasons for my Nigerian trip.

Plan was to hit Benin City. I mentioned earlier that Benin City is the capital town of Edo State.
Video coverage of this ride was absolutely needed but in the absence of a video coverage, I will try to ride with you through out the journey. Night before, we knew our crew members on the ride. Sofiyea Moses aka DK appointed Sweeper Kelly Jumbo aka Kelz Mama Panama Akpojotor aka Akpos alias SK (Scorpion King)appointed CaptainLike man aka St. Lukes And offcourse myself Thomas Esiape Jnr aka  Jet (right behind ride captain).Scheduled time was 12noon.

We were all late except Sofiyea Moses. Though at 1:15pm..we were all together...Akpos (Ride Captain)was still not in. We waited and from afar the Graves Muffler was sounding its presence spitting fire and making its usual gun shot sounds on the 2015 Yamaha R1 on the GRA road approaching the rendezvous point. Ride Safe  (King Osa's Kingdom). No time to waste, we had a quick ride briefing and offcourse that selfie was needed. The rains had already started drizzling. Do we leave or we wait?. Bikers don't fear rain....1 down...rest up...we were on the road.

Had to go through some heavy traffic to hit the main road because there were Dom major road blocks on that 24th in Portharcourt town for road repairs and maintenance. Through the traffic everybody was roaring except me...silent killer with stock exhaust. The bikes were hungry and needed food, so we filled fuel in those bellies and we were back on the asphalt.  1st 2nd 3rd 4th....pit stop, group of bikers having issues, we stopped to show love to make sure they were fine. #Bikersrock.

Pulled one sweet wheelie, the rabbit face was in the air....Akpos (Ride Captain) admiring the wheelie in his mirrors pulled to the side to allow the rabbit face flyyyyyy. Down and up....low and high...left and right....braking and accelerating we were on the way. Only 3kings stood ground at some point in time.....Scorpion King, Blade King, Dragon King Where is Kelz...Lukeman...Mmmmm.

Lukeman was having issues with his bike though he was supposed to race on track. Kelly will always do her limits. No one can push her to go beyond her limits. But serious stop for few minutes and Kelly will be behind you. Most careful biker. She always rides her ride. Can't be influenced.
Alright we were on and on and on and on.

Road Captain and Myself blazed at megasonic speed away from the other. It was like the long battle between Honda and Yamaha. But two experience riders doing their thing. The ride was both wet ride and dry ride as it kept raining through the ride. Soon and before we knew it we were at ......Roundabout about. Almost into town. Scorpion King asked me...will you eat pork?...guess my answer. I was like .... you no well ooo? Brink it on...I eat everything. Even saw the juicy worms being grilled and sold 😜😋 We enjoyed a well grilled pork with toothpick and coke.

After about 15minutesnof enjoying the big reddish grilled pork and coke....the omega team arrived with Osa with them. We didn't make Kelz stop at all...we asked her to proceed. After few minutes of gisting....enjoying pork....rehydrating and relaxing....we jumped onto our beasts and headed Benin City township. Met Kelz on the way...we all rode together at slow reduced speed as it was late As a visiting biker....Kelz Mama had cautioned me several times to watch out for a place upon entering Edo state to keep to the right ....why?

There is a place that poses Hazard to bikers because of road construction defects. (Excessive Bitumen - A black viscous mixture of hydrocarbons obtained naturally or as a residue from petroleum distillation used for road surfacing and roofing. Source: Google Dictionary ) apparently, this substance had poured on that part of the road and made it very slippery. Few bikers had crash along same axes.

Osa who was ahead of me signalled me to come to the right. He saved my life. Thank you Sir.
I saw this part of the road and it was pretty bad that aurhorities in charhe of the highways needs to reconstruct that part. Then we finally got to Benin City.  At this point i wished to return and go back home. 😳😳😳 *Roads were blocked with huge traffics. *rain had caused roads to flood massively.
Hmmmm. We had to glide through the shoulders of the roads till we got some freedom and space to ride. Should we turn left or turn right?.every where was flooded. Does these roads have gutters at all...I doubt.

We took left and that was where my lovely sports bike JumboJet became a Jetski. The flood height we rode through was above the knee on the bikes and I am not exaggerating. Where is a cameraman man to video us going through these floods. Not just one, Not just two. We rode through it at different points until we finally got to our hotel following some asking around for directions.
Everybody on that ride was wet and dripping water from the body kits worn.Without hustle we had checked into our hotel room courtesy Nengimote's superb arrangments for those that had paid in advance.

Annoyingly service was as bad as that of Lagos hotels also. Looks like standard hospitality service is a canker in Nigeria. Sorry without apology.Anyway....quick shower and some drinkables to fill the tummy, the day had come to an end.
Benin City Bound....
Everyone on that trip and Nengimote 😍😍😍

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