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Ride with Jet - Nigeria Chapter 3

We thank God for another blessed day. What will I be doing in Naija in My hotel room when all folks have gone to work?. Nothing .off course absolutely nothing.

Then let me call Kelz Mama to assist me with directions to hit Calabar return trip which in all will be a 462km journey. Calabar which is the capital town of Cross River States is a port city in the southern Nigeria near Cameroonian border. I had wanted to feel close to Cameroon. In fact if I had visa I would have entered Cameroon and return.

This is how far the passion and culture of riding on 2wheels has brought us.
Geared up & Started bike waiting for Kelz to see me off to the main road. So she said take care, ride safe and come back safe & Sound.

Proceed on this road till you hit a *"T - junction"* Don't go left nor right. Do a *"U - turn"* as if you heading back to Port Harcourt and take your first immediate right. That road will take you to UYO and is got lots of curves so be extremely careful in that area. That was the direction Kelly gave me.
In my mind...I was happy when I heard lots of curves. Jumbo Jet needed to enjoy some curves too. All through its been straight roads and I know it wasn't helping the soul.

Sweet roads across Port Harcourt township to Eket / Ikot Abasi was murdered near a 1hour ride.
Following the exact direction given, I did the U turn and to my immediate right. Wowww...I was on the Uyo road entering Akwa-Ibom state. Curves were marvelous and at careful blazing speed of 180km - 220km depending on how long the curves were, the Honda power of walking through the contoured lines was super. *"Don't get me wrong - I was feeling like Marc Marquez"* πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚
I rolled hard through unfamiliar terrain and I was hitting the apex because it was a return trip. No time to waste until I got to a town where you will be amazed how people stared at you wondering who is he?...where is he coming from?...where is he going?...What does he want?
There was just one answer to all The questions on their minds.


Far away from home, I quickly took a selfie on a major directional sign post that read .... ahead ( Calabar 122km, Uyo 33km To the left (Azumini 32km, Aba 36km) and to the right (Ikot Uno Etinan 39km)At this point i was like *"travel and See"* it feels so good and interesting seeing places you have heard of several times in real.

Well! can't waste all the time on pictures....I was back on the road and 33km on, I was in Uyo. It was in Uyo that I was having bike orgasm. Nigerian man will say *"Oboy if you see road herh 😍 😍 😍"* I felt I was riding on the straight version of the Sepang circuit in Malaysia with Valentino Rossi and the likes.

Pulled one or two wheelies as roads were inviting and off we rolled. Finally good roads came to an end when I crossed the Uyo township and now heading into Calabar. Uneven patched road...onduline roofing sheet stylish road...pot holes...chipped of edges where i dropped my bike for the first time.

*What happened?*

Fuel light on. I was scared of shorting fuel but Still blazing and looking around for a fuel/gas station. Finally found an attempt to turn around and go get front wheel slipped of from the road of rough edges and bammm..I dropped the bike. Picked it up quickly with some spillover of coolant. Bike was fine and i had ridden back to the station to top up for fuel.
Mushrooms or crash sliders did the job. Will that deter me from proceeding on my journey? If you know me, then you know the answer is No.

I continued, then I got to a very narrow road and looks like it was the only road to take you into Calabar town. Blocked with oil tankers, heavy duty trucks, constructio vehicles and the likes, there was no space for bikers and small vehicles. Road completely blocked with stand still traffic. Will I be waiting for traffic to clear or I better find alternative route? The Okada riders detected a path through the bush on the side of the blocked road Remember it was a return trip I was doing. Can't fall for traffic. Vroom vroom vroom, piii, pipiii, piiiiiiiii with the horn I sailed through and finally I saw Calabar signage... It was a relief... i made it again...Calabar bound. In fact I could even see Cameroon and I even saw Samuel Eto'o waving at me from Cameroonian border.  πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚What are you thinking?... Where you there?

Next was to take cool memorable pictures. So Queen (Utibe Abasi Nkanga) advised to take one at *CALABAR CALABAR* round-about & try visit TINAPA RESORT before I bounced back. It was at TINAPA I realised "D King" Osa Cookey had been calling me to take me out for lunch or dinner.
We settled for dinner after I returned his call and said when I get back.
Saw the big *"CROSS RIVER STATE"* sign..parked and had a selfie. Continued to the other areas and did my photography course as well. Even took selfie near the Calabar Hospital. Owwww where are my bikers from Calabar??? Can't step in town without touching base. Ring ring Aisha aka Flygirl.

Hello Jet from the other side of the phone.  Me: I am in your town, where are you?  Aisha: Owww sorry Jet, I am on my way to Benin City for BT. Me: No wahala. Just courtesy call. Bye....cheers Rehydration time. Water and Coca Cola on my table. Ready to leave back to Portharcourt.  Dropped Oga No shaking a WhatsApp message earlier bit no reply.(A Calabar base elderly and most respected biker) just when I was about to leave Calabar.....Phone: Tick tok reply just came in. Jet where are you....chitchat chitchat we agreed to meet at the NORTHWEST FILLING STATION - A big station one can't miss. Geared up and 1st, 2nd gear I was there waiting for my elder.

Elder Oga No shaking who was travelling to the village then in a Mugu-way (Car)with family had made time to say hello to me. He doesn't owe me this. *Bikers are awesome again and again*
We hailed.... hugged... shook hands and took a selfie with his son - a biker as well from very younger age. Oga No-shaking extended his hands into his car and gave me huge sums of Naira to buy fuel. I was ashame but I collected it oooo. Don't collect it and you will realise your mumu don do.  πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚
Thank you and Bye to each other were the last words.

If going was not a big issue then coming was not as well apart from rain on my return. Before the rains i heard we have our Tigress known as Ini in Uyo. Reverend Father Ime Peters who i have met once is also in Uyo. So nice to drop them a message for them to know I was in their town. A few calls to Ini but no responds. Had no time to waste still a return trip so had to blazed away megasonically.
Fuelling up to proceed, Ini's call came through.....Owwww Jet sorry I was In the bank.  
Jet: Only if I knew, I would have waited to collect some of that money From Ini aka Tigress. πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ But the overblazing speed of Jet had already sent me out of Uyo and near Akwa Ibom State University. Immediately after speaking to Ini...the rains came in.

Do I wait?
Do I proceed?

Me: I love rain rides. Let's go... I am not salt... πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚  Slowly slowly I got to a point where the rain had caused a minor flood with muddy rough road. This is it. I respect it when I see bad roads because it tells me life is not always smooth. But keep going until you cant go any longer is the key As I took pictures of fine roads...I did same for bad roads too. JumboJet was angry she was dirty but I didn't mind her. Roll....Rolled....Rolling.... then Portharcourt bound.  It was on my way back I took my most favourite picture in the middle of the road with the symmetrical positioning of the bike to see an open road.

                                                                                               A picture that speaks a million words.....

Got lost again in Porthrcourt trying to locate my hotel but Kelz Mama came to my rescue. So though I got to town around 6pm...I later got to my hotel room around 9pm because I missed road and my motorbike wouldn't start because I left double traffic indicators on whilst engine was off trying to get direction and it weakened the battery. An unknown mechanic came to my aid. Couldn't make up my dinner appointment with "D-King". Sorry Sir. I failed you. Will make it up next time.

Another successful day ended with Nigerian fufu and periwinkle snail native soup(Ghana-Kissing  😍 😍 😍
Chapter 4 following........
The BT journey on Friday 24th Nov to Benin City.
Oga No shaking
Kelz Mama 😍 😍 😍
John Wilson
Ini Tigress
Ime Peters
Osa Cookey
John Wilson
All hardridaz
All fans
Unknown mechanic around Rumuola bridge. 😍 😍
Jet says thank you.

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