Friday, August 11, 2017

The Gathering! .. Register now

Hello friends.....

Its yet another wonderful time for real bikers to experience superlative moments of fun in the up coming SUPERBIKE CLUBS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA (SCAN) events.

Like always we open up with the ROAD ROAR 2017 SUPER TOURING BIKE EVENT,

5 Days of exhilarating fun ride starting from the magnificent oil city of Portharcourt playing host to all riders.

Transcending through more than 8 states of the federation plying through beautiful landscapes and scenery of Nigeria with a terminal point at the luxurious  Yankari Game Reserve and Safari in Bauchi state. 
All through this trip all participant will get a closer feel of nature at its best with every night stop within the 5day trip designed to give the biker a warm nature of hospitality.

The totality of this tour will be climaxed with our super celebration tag "THE GATHERING" In Yankari Game Reserve and Safari in Bauchi state.

Amidst pomp and pageantry the GATHERING will showcase wildlife safari tour, a welcoming ecstatic Bike wash to welcome all the Road Roar attendees and other biker from across Nigeria followed by an all night musical show featuring 2 'A' Listing Nigerian superstar Artist with backup of home based upcoming musicians, and a super pool party at the wiki warm spring.

Other event lined up are grilled BBQ, Best Pimped Bike competition,  Loudest Bike contest, Obstacle riders course, Arm Wrestling, Tug of War contest within clubs and groups, Snap gallery, Music and dance to name a few.....

This year event promises to be highly remarkable.

Date again is Oct 30th - Nov 5th,  2017.

Registration for those participating in the Road Roar is N10,000 with a starter pack.

Registration for those participating in the The GATHERING is N5,000 with souvenirs.

Accommodation at The Prestigious Yankari Game Reserve and Safari is N10,000 per night.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Biking Out OF Recession

So, they asked why we have been quiet and what happened to biker’s movement. Well we are still in the block just being lazy…… or we chasing money. Not really but we all know that the country became unlivable with the change in the economy and the shock of not being able to buy a new bike……
Now a group of bikers came together to organize an event called BIKING OUT OF RECESSION
so we all have to pause and have some fun. 

Theme: "Biking Outta Recession" was uniquely carved out to encourage, enjoin and elevate an average Nigerian especially in this trying times.

China did it
Vietnam did it.
Korea did it

Ghana survived during the much fantasized Ghana must go era. It is indeed a great way to retake our economy out of reccession.
                                         "Biking outta recession" was considered as word of hope to Nigerians to be more determined and diversified, looking inward towards the developent of new innovation and invention.

Biking Out Of Recession.....

It is with lots excitement that we announce to you that within the short period of just 2 weeks of Biking Out of Recession Induction Campaign/Awareness,
Lesser space for lodging are limited now.

Hurry up in making your bookings and hotel reservations.
Space are getting sold out.


Hotel Reservation @ the Venue for Bikers 12,500 per night 2night 25,000

Non-Biker 20,000 per night 2night 30,000

Reservation not too far from the Venue:
Bikers 7,500
Non-Biker- 8,500.

We implore you to pay in
advance as it will enable us to key you into this marvelous event.

This promises to be an amazing experience in this  main

2 Calm Cities " SURULERE & IJEBU ODE" ...!

2 States " LAGOS & OGUN...!!


BallyKleff Entertainment Gtbank. 0010119056

SO Lets have fun

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Christmas day escapade (bikers festival)

From the admin and the whole biker’s movement team, we wish you all a very happy new year.  We surly had a wonderful short holiday and I must tell you, it was fun filled to and fro the last most exciting biking event in Nigeria where you are sure of 1600km + ride to and fro the venue.

Take off point, Abraham Adesanya (Total fuel station) Ajah via Epe-Ijeb. Fantastic route which I call test of fate (by 5:30am), nice curves, fairly deep pot holes for fun, busy road, everyone is make a last minute Christmas journey. Normally I spend my Christmas taking this 1600km + ride from Lagos to Calabar  and back to see my family and old friends but these past two Christmas gave me more reason to seal the curse for happiness.

Riders :

Luchio on a 2016 R1200GS
Zen on a Ducati diavel
Papi Jay on a Ducati diavel
Nze G on a 2008 R1200GS
Abu on an R1
Jay on a KTM 990 adventure

Take off time was respected (no Nigerian time) so we rode, me smiling in my helmet wishing all the riders a safe ride to our 1st stop (Nipco, ijebu ode)  to fuel and continue to Ore – Benin-Warri- Ugheli-Patani- Port Harcourt then we got to another amusement, curvy country side twisties which always amazes me, Atte-Abak-Uyo. What a fantastic road to ride on then we arrived Calabar (Tinapa) with great reception from Aisha of Metallic Knight MC (the host of the event).

We checked into our rooms early on our arrival, warm bath to cool down the left over adrenaline still yearning for more ride, buffet as usual ready to receive scooping. With no time wasting we ended the evening with a nice meal and slept well to wait on bikers coming from all over.

In my deep afternoon sleep, sounds of high revved motorcycle to announce their entrance, a happy celebration of a successful ride is necessary. Bikers trooped in by the hour with the above norm all through that day and most definitely repeated the “warm bath to cool down the left over adrenaline still yearning for more rides”.  A special arrangement was made by the organizers to massage our stiff backs from the ride (a plus), then came the night party (adult upgrade XXX) which kept bikers up most of the night then a good night rest followed, curtsy the nice customer relation from Tinapa resort and the Metallic Knight MC.

The D-day was too quick to shine its morning light on our sleepy head, 50% anxious bikers quickly got up to share pleasantries with other riders from different parts of the country which lasted for some time till it was time to roll out for the bikers festival ride around the town which equally went well  .

The event ended well with another party and a night ride for some bikers looking for more fun out of Calabar while others riding back home had to rest. We (my team) hoping to stay back for the Calabar carnival, stayed back to see what new stuff the 2015 carnival had for the crowded spectators. Then it came and gone so we got back to the hotel to prepare for a 800 km+ ride back to Lagos.

Note: Christmas day ride is super fun, free roads, dry weather condition but make sure your bike is on point because any breakdown can leave you helpless  or your bike will be trucked to destination.