Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Chicken Strips. What’s The Deal?

You’ve probably heard of chicken strips, or maybe you haven’t. Chicken strips is a term used in the motorcycle world for the edge of the motorcycle tires.

Each tire when it rolls out of the manufacturing plant has small strips on the side. These strips, depending on the tire type, are the small little cones that stick out of a tire, which can be found on the edge (like in the photo above). Normally speaking, these strips get worn off when you ride, particularly when you use the bike a lot in curves while maintaining a high lean angle. The more you put your knee closer to the road, the less chicken strips will be visible.

For other types of tires, particularly sportstires (like the photo above), the chicken strip is the edge of the tire that has not been used, and is therefore still raw.

For many clubs and discussion forums, chicken strips therefore indicate whether you are afraid to take curves aggressively. The less chicken strips you have, the more you are willing to attack a curve.

With many bikers it has become a thing of honor; no chicken strips. So much so that they have started using sandpaper to remove the strips, in other words……. cheating.

Obviously it’s a question of how far you are comfortable in putting your knee down. Never try to outdo your own capability, no matter how many chicken strips you have left on your tires.


Monday, November 14, 2016

There was a Gathering

We have finally gone passed the Gathering by SCAN with hopeful output; “fulfillment” which I think, was the outcome from the pictures and broadcast from Smokes (SCAN member).

He started by:We are happy to announce that the first team of riders is already in Sokoto waiting for the 2016 RR kick off.

My thoughts: Heart pounding, bikers having fainting feeling from a temporal over anxiety which fades away after the first two kilometers of the journey.

He continued: Road report reaching us for those coming from the western axis – the road is OK for you all until u reach Onitsha, it is advised you take the old road to Enugu at the main new express is a no go zone … pls we will keep u all posted.

Meanwhile he was on his way to prepare the Gathering event in Enugu which happens after the road roar (RR) .

I can only say little because the BikersMovement team regrettably could not make it due to Nigeria's blissful economy, thanks to the lunatics.

We can make our conclusions from the collected pictures below: