Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Spending period

The bike has finally proven it’s self for years with periodical service. But do you know everything on the bike goes through the process of wear and tear? We have lots of robber components like seals, padding, covering etc. which will likely age with time from being exposed to heat and water making them break then affecting movable and unmovable parts , making them fail to function efficiently. In this period you should expect the unexpected; this period can even make you lose your bike from wrong or manageable fixes.  So what do we do?

-Inspect all visible parts on your bike every time
-Check for leaks from your brake lines, master cylinders (clutch and brake) and slave.
-Check for leaks from the cooling system
-Clean the greasy sand from your inner sprocket area to check if the seal is broken
-Inspect fuel pump filter or filters if two (change if necessary)
-Inspect wheel bearing and seal
-Check for leakage from shock absorber
-Inspect Steering neck bearings for pay
-Check battery voltage before and after starting the motorcycle

After all these checks if anyone is defective and neglected it will causes more damage and more spending.

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