Thursday, October 6, 2016

BIN 2016 convention (Finally the event has passed)

Finally the event has passed, but will it remain in our minds?  Like we need a replay, it suddenly ended, or we hoped for more? Has our anxiety become irrelevant before any convention in the future or should we just call it a waste of time and money?  Let’s find out below.

It is a beautiful thing to have bikers gather for the purpose of merriment, which has always been the motive behind The BIN biker’s national convention organized every year, so the plan is to have fun to the fullest. 

Day one: Friday September 30th, 2016  

According to the program- 6pm – Arrival 8pm - Pool party @ Hymaxgrace hotel, Lekki

The rain also anxious, decided to take part after the close of business lol… Before then, the team had to make a quick spy at the event (hotel) to predict the outcome and hope for the best. We met Nengi and Jemi (SD), who gave us a tour around and assured us maximum fun. Remember I said the rain was anxious, like they say “come wet ground” so it did. I witnessed one of the best biker parties in the history of biker’s convention in Nigeria, with so much adult upgrades lol... You should know what I mean. Like they say “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” so we have no pictures to show.

Day Two: Saturday October 1st

According to the program: 
12pm - AGM @ Vantage Beach
1pm - Beach activities @ Vantage Beach (N2, 000 entry fee/jet skiing, boat rides, beach games)
6pm - Hang out at Suya times
10pm - Bikers Independence Day party (Green white green attire) at The Place Night Club, Lekki.

The AGM went well with meaningful talks and deliberation on how to move forward and improvement to BIN.

The beach activity painfully never happened; be it jet skiing, boat rides or beach games due to the fact that the crowd was lost. Two motorcycle clubs went for a private barbecue party which was not on the program list. That definitely created disconnect in the event timing (1pm – “Beach activity @ Vantage Beach and 6pm - hang out at Suya times) leaving other bikers hanging. We had to shake the disappointment off so we attended the “10pm - Bikers Independence day party (Green white green attire) at The Place Night Club, Lekki” which went well quite unlike the previous program.

Day Three:  Sunday October 2nd

According to the program: 
12pm - ERMC club house
3pm –Stadium 
4pm- Chefs' food festival for lunch & Biking competitions/ games, Kingsway road
5pm - One Lagos Mega Concert @ barbeach

This day, everything went well and according to plan. However we arrived at the Easyriders Mc club house late but the atmosphere seemed nice and fun with lots of smiles, so we concluded that all went well. We filed up to stadium for a brief stop “they said” which was the perfect time and location to have bike riding games or before then scrap the ERMC club house event to create time for the stadium stop over since the previous day was used for that. Stadium stop over was regrettably swift. Then we drove down to ikoyi for the “Chefs' food festival for lunch & Biking competitions/games, Kingsway road” which was just a bunch of chefs selling and advertising their delicacies. Again no biking competitions/ games then I gave up on the expectation and followed the wind; accepting the outcome.

Now the One Lagos Mega Concert was the bomb. Special thanks to Lagos state government for the initiative and the team who approached them to be a part of the event because it was so cool and awesome. The reception at the concert was off the hook, I was very proud to be a biker. We had fun times with the crowd and Queen doing her thing on stage. Bikers represented well.

Day 3: Monday October 3rd

7am – Departure. So departure it was 100%

From what you read how would you rate the event? Would you like a recap? MAKE YOUR COMMENTS BELOW


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