Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Eruobodo house (After the Converge)

Paul: Hello Jay we are going to a special home tomorrow after the converge before going to Lagos, are you in?

Jay: I am with you.

So now my mind is keyed and programmed for the visit. My Mum had a special connection to the less privileged or the needy, she had a soft spot for them not having who to genuinely look out for them like you and I who can always fall back on blood family. We have all kinds/types of humans who are not privileged (having special rights, advantages, or immunities), like we say “less” (a smaller amount of; not as much) but are they even “less”? How much happiness do they have?

These are special people with special conditions and special needs which are more demanding to the visitors and the blessed people looking after them who greatly need assistance. It is difficult to take care of a common malaria patient let alone incurable defects like Down syndrome, brain disorders, blindness etc.

I never thought about the destination or what I will meet on arrival so I was shocked but trying to be calm so I would not be the one who will need care after breaking down.Well we arrived and saw the kids and all who looks after them. Played a little before we were briefed by the director of the home who started by introducing the kids to us one after the other. She had not even gotten to the third special person; now tears starts to build up, can’t really stand the tales and description voiced from the horse’s mouth so I quickly excused myself to get some air before I burst into tears.

These people are in real need of love and support because I can’t really explain the stress they go through to make those children feel loved and wanted but can assure you that God who gives life will bless you.

Thanks to Paul Lawson for the invite, Dicta, Abba Isa and the Ryker’s crew for making out time to share the love and experience to the The Eruobodo house

The Eruobodo house Needs More Support


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