Friday, August 26, 2016


I needed to change my engine oil when the recommended 10w50 did not work well with my bike so the research began. Most KTM 990 adventure forums recommend 10w60 which takes higher temperature. Now I needed to start reading reviews of different product, now the cost was not a factor because I needed the best. I could have retained the use of the recommended product but I wanted to try the Motul 700 4T  10w60 based on the reviews I got from riders who have used it for all terrains.

Motul did not disappoint me; bike was quieter, no heating up to unsafe levels but for how long will I continue to import engine oil just for service. Then I saw on instagram “Motul _in_nigeria” wow Like they say "joy" comes in the morning, it was a big relieve to know that servicing my bike will be less expensive in addition Motul Mc care products will be readily available when I need it.

I was introduced to other Motul products (MC Care) by their representative:

MC Care is coded in four different categories, the items in each category then numbered for ease-of-use and reordering (for example, “M4” for new Hands Clean):

A – Air Filter Maintenance (Filter Clean, Filter Oil and new Filter Oil Spray.)

C – Chain Maintenance (Chain Clean, Chain Lube Road/Off-Road/Factory Line for sport bikes, and   new Chain Paste.)

E – External Care (Moto Wash, Wash & Wax, Shine & Go, new Insect Remover, new Scratch Remover, new Chrome & Aluminum Polish, and new Perfect Seat.)

M – Motorcyclist & Equipment Care (new Helmet Clean, new Perfect Leather and new Hands Clean.)

The MC Care line of products provides the best means for cleaning, lubricating and protecting your valuable machine with one simple system.  Convenience items, such as the innovative new Hands Clean, make it easy to carry a tube of hand cleaner in your motorcycle for use while on the road – no towels or rags are required to wipe up a greasy mess.

Thanks to Oyekanmi (From Motul)

The 1st 3 riders to make a comment and share on Facebook will get a free pack of Motul MC Care product


  1. Free pack activated. I wouldn't expect anything less than the performance described above from a Motul product tho.

  2. Finally, product at our fingertips. Cant wait to try out the total care package motul offers.

  3. hello, can you share how we can get motul products?

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  9. It is incredible! My father also spends a lot of time repairing his bike. I wish he had such tools.

  10. I try to use only the composition recommended by the manufacturer for servicing my bike, because then I am not worried about his work.