Friday, August 26, 2016


I needed to change my engine oil when the recommended 10w50 did not work well with my bike so the research began. Most KTM 990 adventure forums recommend 10w60 which takes higher temperature. Now I needed to start reading reviews of different product, now the cost was not a factor because I needed the best. I could have retained the use of the recommended product but I wanted to try the Motul 700 4T  10w60 based on the reviews I got from riders who have used it for all terrains.

Motul did not disappoint me; bike was quieter, no heating up to unsafe levels but for how long will I continue to import engine oil just for service. Then I saw on instagram “Motul _in_nigeria” wow Like they say "joy" comes in the morning, it was a big relieve to know that servicing my bike will be less expensive in addition Motul Mc care products will be readily available when I need it.

I was introduced to other Motul products (MC Care) by their representative:

MC Care is coded in four different categories, the items in each category then numbered for ease-of-use and reordering (for example, “M4” for new Hands Clean):

A – Air Filter Maintenance (Filter Clean, Filter Oil and new Filter Oil Spray.)

C – Chain Maintenance (Chain Clean, Chain Lube Road/Off-Road/Factory Line for sport bikes, and   new Chain Paste.)

E – External Care (Moto Wash, Wash & Wax, Shine & Go, new Insect Remover, new Scratch Remover, new Chrome & Aluminum Polish, and new Perfect Seat.)

M – Motorcyclist & Equipment Care (new Helmet Clean, new Perfect Leather and new Hands Clean.)

The MC Care line of products provides the best means for cleaning, lubricating and protecting your valuable machine with one simple system.  Convenience items, such as the innovative new Hands Clean, make it easy to carry a tube of hand cleaner in your motorcycle for use while on the road – no towels or rags are required to wipe up a greasy mess.

Thanks to Oyekanmi (From Motul)

The 1st 3 riders to make a comment and share on Facebook will get a free pack of Motul MC Care product

Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Eruobodo house (After the Converge)

Paul: Hello Jay we are going to a special home tomorrow after the converge before going to Lagos, are you in?

Jay: I am with you.

So now my mind is keyed and programmed for the visit. My Mum had a special connection to the less privileged or the needy, she had a soft spot for them not having who to genuinely look out for them like you and I who can always fall back on blood family. We have all kinds/types of humans who are not privileged (having special rights, advantages, or immunities), like we say “less” (a smaller amount of; not as much) but are they even “less”? How much happiness do they have?

These are special people with special conditions and special needs which are more demanding to the visitors and the blessed people looking after them who greatly need assistance. It is difficult to take care of a common malaria patient let alone incurable defects like Down syndrome, brain disorders, blindness etc.

I never thought about the destination or what I will meet on arrival so I was shocked but trying to be calm so I would not be the one who will need care after breaking down.Well we arrived and saw the kids and all who looks after them. Played a little before we were briefed by the director of the home who started by introducing the kids to us one after the other. She had not even gotten to the third special person; now tears starts to build up, can’t really stand the tales and description voiced from the horse’s mouth so I quickly excused myself to get some air before I burst into tears.

These people are in real need of love and support because I can’t really explain the stress they go through to make those children feel loved and wanted but can assure you that God who gives life will bless you.

Thanks to Paul Lawson for the invite, Dicta, Abba Isa and the Ryker’s crew for making out time to share the love and experience to the The Eruobodo house

The Eruobodo house Needs More Support

Monday, August 8, 2016

From The 2016 Bikers Converge

Now that I have settled in from the weekend or hopefully I will in few days, not from the ride but from the happy feelings and pilling up of good memories from the guys and girls who share same satisfaction.  Thousands of stories can be gotten from the event but this is our report based on the biker’s movement perspective.

It was more like a “converge” which was the plan, hosting bikers of different ideology, location, bodies  etc to meet for the sake of having fun (like the Water Truce in "Jungle Book") including activities which makes bikers who they are. Bikers full of life quickly making use of the atmosphere to get lose on arrival from a glorious short ride to Abeokuta (depends on your location).Meeting up at the mobil on the run in Lagos exit with friends who have not seen each other in a while was the beginning of what was to come or what was expected.

At the bikers converge we meet a lot of new and old bikers, it is where the learning begins, where you re-assure yourself that becoming a biker was not a mistake but a source of happiness and merriment. Throttling our way to the event was fun with Dicta, Chris and the crew happily bedding the corners and “maxing” the long joyful stretch, consuming distance with fellow bikers.  SO WE ARRIVED!!!

Euphoria of pleasantries took over the evening on arrival, Handshakes, fist bumps and smiles all over.  As always I needed to sink in so much to last for the use of a relaxing thought so now I write with satisfaction that the event fulfilled its purpose. No time to waste as we rode down to the house of the formal president of the federal republic of Nigeria for him to formally declare the event open as we had his support all the way.

Being a crash program, activities had to follow up almost immediately or like they say “time flies when you are having fun” had already taken over me? Well the bamboo party was next which reminded me of my university days where you have outdoor parties with dark on ending corners to become private ( lol ). Now we can relax, dance and feel good before the next day’s unknown active and the hope for more fun.

We resume the next day with paint-balling and I can tell you by just watching, it was a memorable experience.

Green Legacy Resort is a very large place to while away the moment with long walks and sightseeing as other events slowly unfolds as Randy, Doye and Jack take over the venue with wonderful wheelies. Well the day was slow but with hopes of more fun which later came in with the slow ride competition which was so much fun. While threatening to rain, the pool party sets in with ladies in bikini roaming the hotel luring the stubborn head bikers who still want more of the bike riding action.

Well we had a good one though Paul Lawson (Ryker ) ,  Jay (Bikers Movement) and other riders like Dicta (REMC), Abba Isa  etc had other plans which we will detail in the next publication.

The Bikers Converge was a Success!!!