Friday, July 8, 2016

The 2016 Edition

The 2016 Edition of the Nigeria Superbike Road Race Championship is sending out smoke signals and is ready to ignite in November in Edo State

Preparations for the annual Red Hearts Pumping, Guts display, mastery of dangerous brilliance and dare-devil contest has been building right after last year's Edition where Jack "AirBender" Affara fearlessly defended his coveted title - the first and only Man in the history of the sport in Nigeria to do so.

With so many riders inspired to do better than Jack Affara, before the first quarter of 2016, 30 riders had fought against the economical tide of the country to secure their racing spots for a shot to be on the podium at Nigeria's Road Race Annual Festival of Speed.

The BT is not just an ordinary Motorcycle event. It is about those who "Pump Red", a thoroughbred pure motorbike Racing. The Event boosts a 33Km long layout of near-nylon tarred asphalt, an immediate hit for the racers to max out their respective power plants. The BT Trajectory is not like that of the regular race track: High Speed Corners, Low Speed Corners, Chicane, Uphill, Downhill, Camber, Speed bumps, Hard Braking, deceleration, First gears second gear corners, No! You miss all those running through the Track that spans 8 Communities. At the BT, you experience "Bikegasm". A complete communication between man, machine and road bliss. It is also all about top end. It is a start and go affair. In a sport where victory is measured by a tenth of a second, every moment counts for either victory or loss. In Motorsports especially at the highest level of competition, there is no margin for error at the BT because just like in the country, anything can happen! It is #GutsSenseSkills. The BT Racers have a whole day Free Practice session on the Friday preceding the Saturday Race Day (26th November 2016) in which they get themselves acquainted to the track. 33km of track that will test their concentration powers!

Women like Men, Men like Women. Here everybody is equal. The only distinct factor is your guts and how big your overwhelming sense of self preservation, believe in your abilities and willingness to max it out are. This is what separate the Men from the Boys. At The BT, Skills and an acute knowledge of Racing and Motorbiking is not enough. The difference between winners and "winners" at The BT is how well your Skills and Sense match your GUTS. The BT is not a Play ground, it is not a Testing ground. It is where men have come to make history and write their name in gold in Nigeria's motorcycle Sports history!

Like every iconic race track, The BT Track that runs from Urhonigbe to Ugbokirima holds two famous points - The Airstrip and the Farmers' Curve. The Air Strip, your engine answers the speed call and arguably with just that stretch you can max out whatever Speed limit your manufacturer placed on your dashboard. The second throws you a very different challenge, The Farmers' Curve awaits you, a very sharp right hand curve after a high speed long radius left hand section of the race track. Here, you must defy the laws of inertia! The Farmers' curve is the masterpiece of the BT Track. Scary, Intimidating and outrightly notorious. Great Men have gone down here or "harvested cassava" in the BT fond terms.

The BT is unique! It is an event honoring the time tested traditions of road racing! It is racing! Pure and Simple! Open to those who dare to want to "define their limit". It boasts of Track and Road Racers who can boast of racing experience from all over the world.

There is only one way to experience The BT. Be There! And pay respect to the men and women  who don't do FEAR! Men, who when the history of Motorsports is written in Nigeria, will be called the gods of Super-bike Racing in Nigeria.

By: Biker GP

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