Monday, July 4, 2016

Big Bang

What a day.. My Birthday started... quiet, alone thinking about the ride ahead. What a night.. I decided to roll out to merry with the gang. Made calls to know who was out to play - Yep! my G was coming out, "D boy".... Nice, we can talk about the dreaded ride and how it’s going to be fun getting to the location.

So quick the night flies by but still in check, so we ball out from a noisy environment to hit the lonely but not cool road to take the breeze home after a nice outing filled with laughter and merriment and deliberations on the long ride ahead. Bike so much in the traveling mood, bikers in anticipation for the ride lit their engines feeling prude being gazed by night crawlers, engaged their forward gear after a brief push back.

Road looks clear so we set out still in the 1st gear because we had a confused SUV ahead having so much fun feeling like they owned the road. Being ahead I noticed and slowed down, waiting for the cagers to make a decision. Rider 2 having it in mind that there is a brake away (group ride but 2 destination) overtook me hoping to break away seeing an open way from the cager.

The SUV was planning to make a U-turn. then came the big bang I never wanted to witness but it happened for nothing is ever planned when it comes to life and the much dreaded death. Biker looks lifeless but the will to finish the ride made him wake up from the slumber.

We thank God for life, rider is better.

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