Friday, June 24, 2016

How do you name your bike?

I saw a post on face book "What made you choose the plates you have on your bike.Just thinking"

from Paul Lawson which makes a lot of sence to look into. I made a comment "The name on ur plate is key ..... biking being a therapy to happiness is not complete without a name to crownit..... Like the name STEED". Not to be selfish to enjoy the reflection before the comment, I decided to take it to the road:

Paul Lawson actually has 2 plates which he explains: My friend many years ago started calling me Ryker meaning dependable and my best movie at the time was the lion king, was trying to set up email and used both as an email address "Rykermofasa" And then when the time came I made 2 plates, RYKER on the R1 And Mofasa on the BMW 1200 which I transferred to the SP2 when I got that.

Jay: Plate- Aleph; I just got my 1100 EVO (Ducati), then aleph by paulo coelho just came out so I loved the word and checked for the meaning which came out nice so I registered my bike using "Aleph" as the ID.

Danny Walker:I chose the word (PHARAOH) cos it actually means "Leader of a great house" (Who knew?)

Crank: I chose my plate #Crank because, as the name implies, it means making something work, either cranking your engine up or something of that nature on the I'll give my best to always make sure something works. other hand, Cos I am that much restless if you've seen the movie crank you will understand better, Nice thing to pull together uncle P.

Sheyi: Has Leaner and Ripple" - Learner came from the fact that I am constantly learning every time I ride. Ripple was named by a very good friend that I respect a lot. We sure do learn in every ride.

Zen: My bike is named after a great rebellious leader in the world "Che Guevera". He is my inspiration to help the poor and oppressed in the society.

Badblood: The name on my licence plate is "BADBLOOD" which is my alias and the name simply
means " out of these world". I am a cool weird folk. also most folks get scared at the mention of the name which is fine cos you only meet one bad-blood in your life and that's me. that's the illest name in the motorcycle sphere. *So he thinks

Jet: Sorry in Ghana we do not do the special numbering for bikes and even if you want to do it, it is very expensive ($1,250) but if I can it will be "JETKELZ" for my love for Kelz or will do "let me be"... to tell people to stop talking about bikes the bad way or "speed-king" .... because i love the fire.

Randy Kessiena: Chose d name Randy cos its always a head turner keeping people pondering...den of course dats my name

We definitely will have lots of comments as regards this topic because it describes the biker but taking notes will mean more time.

Please drop your notes to the question "What made you choose the plates you have on your bike." by  Paul Lawson

Monday, June 6, 2016

Weekend Trails

We don't have the roads for speed but just the right road for fun on a dirt and adventure motorcycle. Woken up from sleep with a call for fun.... quick response was the case and I never regretted it. See pictures below:

If your motorcycle can survive the sand, pick a date with us

Friday, June 3, 2016


At’s a good thing to find a woman who understands a biker and his wants. Michael Imomoh the self acclaimed “greatest photo biker alive”, CEO Michael Imomoh Photography a professional photographer found Ore Oluwadun. A woman who he has decided to pillion for the second season of his life, now tagged as Mrs. Foto.

Micheal is loved by all so it showed in the event with the massive attendance of bikers and well wishers who came in from Lagos, Edo and all around the world. We have few pictures below for your enlightenment