Friday, May 20, 2016

The Music

From cranking to starting creates a melody conniving  to send a message that gives you joy while scared of a disappointing sound when you motorcycle refuses to start. Rush of joy when the music begins and it runs for seconds and cuts out. Now it has your attention, intrigue now strolling in the mix not sure of the next sound and how the music plays. Another crank puts the music in motion and ends with a smile but remember that it is a type of music where you have to protect you self while listening to it.

                                                                                       Foto by Breen Guitars    

The music so tempting; to hear more makes you  look towards the second stage were you need to put on your helmet which  you carefully selected from the motorcycle shop for its purpose; nice graphics , tinted visor , good ventilation , shell construction built with precision and to standard . But what kind of music will you listen to that will warrant this level of protection?  Well we will find out.

Do you really want to see what I look like when I listening to the best music ever? Music which gives a new sound every time it plays,  Let’s not take it too far and forget the glove which is the last protective measures which must be considered not forgetting the kick stand after mounting the platform in which the music is accelerated to its full playing mood. Music with no loop, it changes when you give it gas to conduct its temple and pattern.

The mechanical music temple controlled by road, environmental and other factor but it only makes it more enjoyable when listening to it when acceleration and deceleration.  So do you say bikers are disc jockeys, an orchestral conductor or just a dude playing whatever he wants? You find out your self.

To is fun. Fro is a recapitulation of the system we just played but never forget ; every ride is always a new song. So let’s play this music with respect for the risk we face in the mix.


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