Thursday, March 3, 2016

The RCMC Abeokuta bikers converge

I remember the period when the below was needed though it was done to show that they "got grove" but actually started a lasting event which was designed to grow for the better. The bikers converge was the most interesting and still is the most fun bikers gathering event in Nigeria . Now this is not an "our club, our national body our" event but a general bikers event opened to all and even neighboring countries.

A short note sent in by BigDEE

The  forum BC (bikers converge whatsap forum) was created on June 21st  2015 in preparation for the first edition of "RCMC abeokuta bikers converge" (the  event) by me (big dee) with the support of Dr P and queen , who invited most clubs to come on board, information and details were shared there (BC whatsap forum) ,ideas were given and suggestions were taken, a lot of issues ,we broke up and still made up and finally the day came and event came and history was made, (1) highest numbers of bikes so far(2) first largest gathering without finance from company ,individual or national body  etc , and I tell u all that U all made it happen, first ever charity football match in a converge ( male bikers vs female bikers) thanks to speed Diva for the idea and hard work, what men can do woman can do it better cos the women worn with 2-1, the main purpose of BC was and still to bring unity amongst bikers and biking community without the hand of any of the national body but to see reasons why the national bodies can come together under one roof and preach UNITY, now 2016 is here and the date is July 29 to 31  in abeokuta Ogun state, if we did it before we can do it again SUPPORT BC 2016 by telling a biker to tell a biker and another biker to tell another "we live to ride and ride to live"

Big dee for BC

I did not post about the event because I was not there, although I had enough to explain what fun it was  but hey' still not happy with my self not being there to feel it my self .  Its another year so we look up to the memorable event.

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