Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Street Saintz MC (The Saints)

Heavily loaded on my bikes, coming from Bode's wedding, could not miss the last event of the day; To celebrate the Street Saints MC (The Saints) a wonderful motorcycle club aiming to make a difference in the way we live and co-exist as bikers.

A day later I had a brief whats-app chat with Dudus a SSMC member and a friend.

Jay: Greeting's boss

Dudus: Hi Jay
Dudus: How are u doing

Jay: Good.
Jay: I had to leave because of the load I was carrying
Jay: It's was a nice outing

Dudus: Yeah thanks
Dudus: God made it possible for us all

Jay: Pls briefly tell me about the club Street Saintz

Dudus: Streetsaintz MC was born from the ideas of four gentlemen namely Laolu, Itoro , Akin and I (Martin).
It all started in 2014 by the name StreetRebels MC. When we wanted to register d club on CAC we were advised to change our names so we agreed on Streetsaintz MC. and March 19th 2015, SSMC was officially registered as a motorcycle club.

Dudus:  we are close to Ten in number, namely Peter, Tinu,Ay ,Esther and Family.
Dudus: *and Damola
Dudus:  Streetsaintz MC is also affiliated with SCAN.
Dudus:  And also a friend to other bike clubs

Jay: Nice
Jay: So what's the benefit of being a member?

Dudus: Well the benefits of been a member are network, contributing to the society( charity work) and a sense of belonging in bringing out the best in you as a biker and most especially a person.

Jay: Sounds tempting
Jay: So if interested in becoming a member. What are the steps?

Dudus:  Hmmmmm, as you know like minds roll together. You have to go through the SSMC constitution which shows the aims and objectives of the club. If agreed by d person, he/she gets d registration form and becomes a prospect for 3 months where the person will be carefully screened and eventually become a Saint. What is also key is that you must be able to own and ride a bike.

Jay: That's nice.
Jay: Thanks for your time

Dudus: Thanks

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