Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Bikers Attitude

Nigeria: A zone where we ride, have fun, make misunderstanding beefs, merry then talk about it. We bike with so much different reasons; we boast, build pride and stick by that mentality. Riding is fun with so much “why we ride” and why we don’t ride but sane all the same. From mismanagement to unexpected and self caused motorcycle faults to” hey the cager did not look”.

Bikers thought and behavior; I like this bike but how did he get the money, could the bike be hot? How many keys “Hey I paid for the damn thing”. Well this is Africa we envy, we hate but does it make the best out of us? Hey shut up and ride. What makes you a biker? Did you create the word “biker” is your father’s name Yamaha? Ok tell me where you’re riding to tomorrow (what’s really my business).  How long have u been clinching to this handle bar? Well I have this certification... So??? Do we get a pension scheme out of this or we building a carrier in biking? Hey we just love to and very comfortable riding (not driving).

Biking is a very interesting way of life and different characters make it more fun. We must co-exist and accept the entire nuisance in the movement and believe that there will be a motorcycle that talks (lol). Every word spoken from a biker’s mouth must have been built out of the past ride or event (no ride no talk). Interesting topics with like minds make the relationship stronger.

Riding makes us forget the load and worries of the world... Just like sex. Hey sex is too short to get free from the word …

Are our women getting bored?  How do we get them involved?  …. “Guy pillions they where we they ride go” … hey I got a wife.  Family and biking is another  day’s topic … remember if things go wrong your family will have to come be by you (dead or alive)  .

I am out of the craziness but still available to my bike to take me to work, back home and every journey that has a transit destination … for all possible route has been defeated.. Not fully that’s if you don’t ride an Enduro motorcycle …
Welcome from the Easter break … How much mileage did you consume??????



  1. Nice piece...thought provoking though.231km covered during the 4days long holiday

  2. The truth about what we think is provoking only if you can hear your self think from the outside. When you purchase your 1st motorcycle is the beginning of pride , when you mingle with bikers it improves the pride. No human is perfect so there is room for mismanaging the pride. Writer was generally speaking

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  4. Biking is all about passion and adventure, not clout or ego. all hooded brothers with buckets on their heads remain one, irrespective of status, social lining or ideological orientation. My Bike, is my passion that takes me out of all the troubles thrown at me by the world. I am never complete, without mounting the saddle

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