Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Bikers Attitude

Nigeria: A zone where we ride, have fun, make misunderstanding beefs, merry then talk about it. We bike with so much different reasons; we boast, build pride and stick by that mentality. Riding is fun with so much “why we ride” and why we don’t ride but sane all the same. From mismanagement to unexpected and self caused motorcycle faults to” hey the cager did not look”.

Bikers thought and behavior; I like this bike but how did he get the money, could the bike be hot? How many keys “Hey I paid for the damn thing”. Well this is Africa we envy, we hate but does it make the best out of us? Hey shut up and ride. What makes you a biker? Did you create the word “biker” is your father’s name Yamaha? Ok tell me where you’re riding to tomorrow (what’s really my business).  How long have u been clinching to this handle bar? Well I have this certification... So??? Do we get a pension scheme out of this or we building a carrier in biking? Hey we just love to and very comfortable riding (not driving).

Biking is a very interesting way of life and different characters make it more fun. We must co-exist and accept the entire nuisance in the movement and believe that there will be a motorcycle that talks (lol). Every word spoken from a biker’s mouth must have been built out of the past ride or event (no ride no talk). Interesting topics with like minds make the relationship stronger.

Riding makes us forget the load and worries of the world... Just like sex. Hey sex is too short to get free from the word …

Are our women getting bored?  How do we get them involved?  …. “Guy pillions they where we they ride go” … hey I got a wife.  Family and biking is another  day’s topic … remember if things go wrong your family will have to come be by you (dead or alive)  .

I am out of the craziness but still available to my bike to take me to work, back home and every journey that has a transit destination … for all possible route has been defeated.. Not fully that’s if you don’t ride an Enduro motorcycle …
Welcome from the Easter break … How much mileage did you consume??????


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Street Saintz MC (The Saints)

Heavily loaded on my bikes, coming from Bode's wedding, could not miss the last event of the day; To celebrate the Street Saints MC (The Saints) a wonderful motorcycle club aiming to make a difference in the way we live and co-exist as bikers.

A day later I had a brief whats-app chat with Dudus a SSMC member and a friend.

Jay: Greeting's boss

Dudus: Hi Jay
Dudus: How are u doing

Jay: Good.
Jay: I had to leave because of the load I was carrying
Jay: It's was a nice outing

Dudus: Yeah thanks
Dudus: God made it possible for us all

Jay: Pls briefly tell me about the club Street Saintz

Dudus: Streetsaintz MC was born from the ideas of four gentlemen namely Laolu, Itoro , Akin and I (Martin).
It all started in 2014 by the name StreetRebels MC. When we wanted to register d club on CAC we were advised to change our names so we agreed on Streetsaintz MC. and March 19th 2015, SSMC was officially registered as a motorcycle club.

Dudus:  we are close to Ten in number, namely Peter, Tinu,Ay ,Esther and Family.
Dudus: *and Damola
Dudus:  Streetsaintz MC is also affiliated with SCAN.
Dudus:  And also a friend to other bike clubs

Jay: Nice
Jay: So what's the benefit of being a member?

Dudus: Well the benefits of been a member are network, contributing to the society( charity work) and a sense of belonging in bringing out the best in you as a biker and most especially a person.

Jay: Sounds tempting
Jay: So if interested in becoming a member. What are the steps?

Dudus:  Hmmmmm, as you know like minds roll together. You have to go through the SSMC constitution which shows the aims and objectives of the club. If agreed by d person, he/she gets d registration form and becomes a prospect for 3 months where the person will be carefully screened and eventually become a Saint. What is also key is that you must be able to own and ride a bike.

Jay: That's nice.
Jay: Thanks for your time

Dudus: Thanks

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A bikers wish

Challenging routes, fear of not getting fuel, Taking nice pictures, meeting people you don’t understand their language, eating food that will send you to an unplanned toilet and telling the story

Pictures From : Argo Rääk

You can see more on his Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/bodylinenigeria/photos_all

Monday, March 7, 2016

From Yankari With An Open Mind

It was the break of new dawn, the weather was chillie in the Northen part of Nigeria, Actually the capital territory Abuja, with so much anxiety and anticipation of a wonderful ride to Yankari Reserve in Bauchi State. following google map and checking if everyone was in check. Our journey did not start until 12; 08pm with calculated journey of 504km which is about 7hrs from our research, little did we know.

Life is about perception and  is full of surprises and only those with enduring spirit and fearless mind take the risk of  doing the extraordinary things especially going to a location for the fun of adventure and exposure where you have no clue of what the road looks like or what the reception will be from the indigen of the mentioned location with so much terror attack going on in north.

Our first  stop  as a group was in Jos after a long and separate ride from Abuja at this point we were all exited that our long awaited and delayed journey has started, the road from Keffi all the way to Jos seemed pretty fair and passable, the feel of the cool wind, the well formatted trees and  rock area filled my sight and I couldn't  help but commend on how beautiful our lands are and wondering how we as people of Nigeria can contribute to the growth of Economy by turning all this places to tourist attraction, not only were we all exited but the villages who surrounded us with so much joy like they just saw their long awaited Prince, The woman who came to sell "Energy Booster" for the men and i watched as she tries with so much happiness to sell the Energy booster and they waved us farewell as we departed, my heart pumped and felt encouraged to continue the Journey.

As we approached the Outskit of Jos into Bauchi state the ride was getting too long and our 7hrs calculated journey was already running out, Nobody had anything to eat except liquid and my small packed cookies was shared amongst all, We calculated again at this point our map was reading right and we were all looking lost but still eager to conquer this Journey then we asked the villages which way to Yankari Bauchi and they pointed to left and we were hoping it is not a mistake but we kept on riding after about 2 hrs , we lost site of the other group riders, apparently they were either ahead of us or behind. At this point I was already getting agitated and tired and my partner didn't seem like he was bothered he just wanted to get to Yankari.

Now Bauchi seemed like it was here finally and at this point we were still riding solo till about 7:10pm at the NNPC filling station in Bauchi, where we refilled and asked for direction and at this point i was impressed with the Northerner , we all have wrong impression about them. They told us that from where we were to Yankari was 40kms and another 42kms into the game reserve which is about 1hr/30 min ride at this point it felt like a journey of NO RETURN. At this point i give Kudos to Cocoa cola for making coke available even as far this, that was our only survival kit and we began again, riding into the night with bad roads and the scary military check points and the darkness that draw to our face like it was going  to us to another world.

At 8:35pm we saw the other riders surrounded by crowd , we were relief at the site of Familiar face and asked for the other two and we were told that they had gone to Gombe!! Apparently they missed their way , we were happy that others were good and then we continued and finally "We are Here" Yankari Reserve" and they gate men said they had closed and we cant be allowed in! everyone was tired and warn out after long argument, they allowed us in and told us to move Very slowly and The Crazy one amongst us said '' yes we shall all move at 15km/hr. The Security advised that we shall see 7 Animal Cross sign, how accurate they are with all this little information.

At 10:10pm we were finally inside and the 7 animal crossing felt like 12, we were all tired but the environment view at night felt like heaven,  The hut built like houses and the interior was classy and we had our first meal of the day and no one cared if the food tasted nice or not we just wanted to eat, it wasn't until the next day that we discovered the surroundings of where we slept, the baboons hovering around in search of what to grab, the pumba looking like animal and the wikki warm spring which is always at 31 degrees, I was really intrigue by the construction of the road to the wikki warm river with side way stairs.

The Safari visit was another boner as we were eager to see lion and elephant but they left us with their droppings and the cave inside the rock where their four fathers lived during slave trade, used to think slave only happened in the western region but little did I know.

life is filled with many opportunities....have an open mind, makes the world go round.

By: Oma nnorom (http://iamoma.blogspot.com.ng/)

Thursday, March 3, 2016

The RCMC Abeokuta bikers converge

I remember the period when the below was needed though it was done to show that they "got grove" but actually started a lasting event which was designed to grow for the better. The bikers converge was the most interesting and still is the most fun bikers gathering event in Nigeria . Now this is not an "our club, our national body our" event but a general bikers event opened to all and even neighboring countries.

A short note sent in by BigDEE

The  forum BC (bikers converge whatsap forum) was created on June 21st  2015 in preparation for the first edition of "RCMC abeokuta bikers converge" (the  event) by me (big dee) with the support of Dr P and queen , who invited most clubs to come on board, information and details were shared there (BC whatsap forum) ,ideas were given and suggestions were taken, a lot of issues ,we broke up and still made up and finally the day came and event came and history was made, (1) highest numbers of bikes so far(2) first largest gathering without finance from company ,individual or national body  etc , and I tell u all that U all made it happen, first ever charity football match in a converge ( male bikers vs female bikers) thanks to speed Diva for the idea and hard work, what men can do woman can do it better cos the women worn with 2-1, the main purpose of BC was and still to bring unity amongst bikers and biking community without the hand of any of the national body but to see reasons why the national bodies can come together under one roof and preach UNITY, now 2016 is here and the date is July 29 to 31  in abeokuta Ogun state, if we did it before we can do it again SUPPORT BC 2016 by telling a biker to tell a biker and another biker to tell another "we live to ride and ride to live"

Big dee for BC

I did not post about the event because I was not there, although I had enough to explain what fun it was  but hey' still not happy with my self not being there to feel it my self .  Its another year so we look up to the memorable event.