Friday, December 18, 2015

So many questions

What are your plans for Christmas? Is there anything like a bikers Christmas?  How do bikers spend their Christmas? Do we ride?When do we ride? What do we ride? Should we be with family? Should we ride to be with family? What location will the Christmas be fun? What type of fun should we hope for? Should we ride for JESUS? Whose season is it? What are we celebrating? Should we put smiles on peoples face? How can we make family appreciate us? Will financial constrain affect our fun? Should we watch are spending? Must we spend so much money? Who’s getting married this season?

Who is purposing this season? Will you meet your future wife this season? Will you break up with your girlfriend this season? Who needs a gift this season? Will I get a surprise? Who is a December baby? Who is getting pregnant this season? How many mothers will give birth this Christmas? Who is making money this season? What do you hope for this season? Will you be disappointed this season?
So many questions

Fun is what you can find in the events below (Your household will love this)

Please take a minute to put in your million $ answer 

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! See you in the Calabar carnival

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