Wednesday, November 18, 2015

We had a chat with Jack (Airbender) On the BT next week

Jay: Greetings the BT champ
Jay: It's Jay. From
Jack biker: I greet you boss
Jack biker: Lovely DP
Jack biker: I'm Catholic too
Jack biker: And I love the pope
Jay: Fantastic
Have u seen the above link?
Some bikers are seriously ready for u at the BT

Jack biker: Nice one
Jack biker: I read all
Jay: Hope you are not scared 😄
Jack biker: Blow was modest with his answer
Jack biker: I respect him
Jack biker: He's a good rider
Jack biker: I'm not scared of Rossi
Jack biker: And he was honest to say 286km
Jay: That's a strong statement. Are u referring to ROSSI the  MOTOGP guy
Jack biker: I did same speed a bit more
Jack biker: Yea
Jay: Well that's the spirit of the BT
Jack biker: Rossi can't ride on our roads but we can comfortably ride on their circuits
Jack biker: There's a big difference riding their and riding here
Jack biker: We have very good riders
Jay: So what are your plans to retain the trophy?
Jack biker: Well all I could say is I'm racing for the love of the game
Jack biker: If I win glory be to God
Jack biker: If I don't I have enjoyed my run
Jack biker: Racing is in the genes of a real biker
Jay: Nice
Jay: So what biker are u racing on

Jack biker: That's Na girl
Jay: Nice.
Jack biker: 6 of my club members are racing
Jack biker: So we're hoping to take over the podium
Jack biker: 😝
Jack biker: 1st 2nd and 3rd place
Jack biker: Image
Jay: That's a good plan. It's going to be a hostile take over
Jack biker: Naaaah
Jack biker: It won't
Jack biker: It will be a smooth take
Jay: You guys surely pump an huge RED
Jack biker: We're ready
Jack biker: Very ready
Jack biker: We pump so red that were on fire
Jay: So we looking at 300km/h + speeds
Jack biker: Well no bike can hit the 300km/h mark except one or two bikes I know of

Jack biker: But we sure doing 295km/h
Jack biker: I hear we have a Kawasaki H2 coming
Jack biker: If the rider is courageous he should be hitting 340km/h
Jay: You are really in trouble. The H2???
Jack biker: Yea
Jack biker: But I don't think he should be allowed to race
Jack biker: But he can run the BT with his own Time
Jack biker: Cause it won't be fair to us
Jay: Who is coming with the monster
Jay: needs to talk to him
Jack biker: It's actually faster the a ZX 14
Jack biker: The first BT winner
Jack biker: He's not on whatsapp
Jay: So why replace the 14 with a 1000
Jay: I am talking about you changing your bike to an R1
Jay: When the ZX14 gave u a win
Jack biker: I fell in love with it when I saw it
Jack biker: Plus Rossi is on a Yamaha
Jack biker: And he's my boss
Jay: Now you are a Rossi fan
Jay: Hmm nice
Jack biker: Plus I dint win on a ZX 14
Jack biker: I won on a CBR 1000
Jack biker: Forever been
Jay: Ooooh. Was miss informed?  So what can you say about the BT in general
Jack biker: It's the first of its kind in west Africa
Jay: Is it a good development in the West African biking community
Jack biker: It's where we can pump red
Jack biker: It's where you can separate the boys from the men
Jay: That's for your time.
 Jay: It’s nice having our chat on
Jack biker: Yes boss
Jack biker: We meet on the battle ground
Jay: Surly


  1. Great time out there.. On Jack's comments on Rossi, Rossi has rode on Open roads, and won the Famous Suzuka8Hours Endurance race for the record. Panaramica in Italy, Jack should ask around. Secondly, racing a Motorcycle is more than a matter of Racing ability. It's far from just you Pumping Red, Mind, Matter, Speed, Briliance, Team Work, Preparation and all. Any one for sure can race on a Race track but not everyone can win. Jack races a time trial not a full side by side Motorcycle Race.. Anyone can pull a lap record in any Free-Fun of which is what a time trial is about - what BT is about.. Jack's comments on Rossi are blasphemous could as well be deemed as ignorance. You do not make such remarks. Rossi has covered over 124, 000KM in MotoGP and has seen Nine World Titles in 19 Years. So what are we saying?

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