Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Gathering (EVENT)

So Bikers Movement still observing from a distance (not intentional). The Road Roar (By Scan) went by and was successful seen from pictures posted on riders’ forum (by Cowboy). Well organized I presumed because it was safe and we never heard of an issue or a crash. Due to the neglect from the SCAN team we had no relevance in the event so we watched from an angle.

I was at the final event of Scans package, planned start time “10am” but I got there 11am (still on the “good boy list”). Was expecting the event to be fully packed with lot of activities, well Nigerian time must not be underrated and ignored. Well prepared event setup, dinner-like setup but the sun  was not friendly for a morning to evening merriment, the sun must go down to fully get the 100% maximum expected fun.

It was good to see family presence, not just the usual hard core bikers’ event which we love but a semi funfair look alike. Dancers aggressively waiting to bust into stage action, “looking good” ushers roaming around with their pretty self selling tickets, Biker City , metallic horse, AXA insurance, shoptomydoor and Boulos Nigeria showing off what they have to offer. The FD foundation wasn’t left out too.

Now the mood is set.  Still locked on to the suspense we have been subjected to by the SCAN organizers which bikers are not used to. The time is now flying like an eagle hoping to see a full event. Where are the Lagos and the visiting bikers? Where are the SCAN lots (now 1pm)?

Behold the Hard riders (2) make their entry “wow”, 09ers glide-ly walked in looking sent from the bikers heaven, neatly dressed for the fun, some wheelers MC members already present, infinity my infinity (Kaduna) bikers present , REMC, Peace Riders MC ………etc made the presence in small numbers but were acknowledged.

I had to go round greeting old friends and making new friends from the manageable numbers I saw. Time still not slowing down (suspense still activated) blood pumping (BT lol) here comes the dancers stepping up the stage  so blessed I can only picture myself having such talent and flexibility but I quickly had to wake up. Loudest bike loading, noisy Jack, Rohit and other “wannabes” stepped up to the challenge but not scared of the rev implication. IT’S JACK AGAIN.

Now it’s time to show of the most pimped motorcycle but wait I see no sweet looking motorcycle here just for one ROHIT and Mr T from the Eagles MC,  well just hope the ladies will judge right. A BIKER I DON’T KNOW WON IT with his Christmas looking R1.

Now it’s time to cross over to the beach front for more fun (volley ball, jet-ski).

Back to the event- bikers not seeing any action still waiting for the NEW thing had to take their leave for the late comers to come try their luck on the suspense.

The action was the Road Roar

For bikers the ride is always the destination

Congratulation SCAN on your successful event .We hope it will be better next time.

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