Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Gathering (EVENT)

So Bikers Movement still observing from a distance (not intentional). The Road Roar (By Scan) went by and was successful seen from pictures posted on riders’ forum (by Cowboy). Well organized I presumed because it was safe and we never heard of an issue or a crash. Due to the neglect from the SCAN team we had no relevance in the event so we watched from an angle.

I was at the final event of Scans package, planned start time “10am” but I got there 11am (still on the “good boy list”). Was expecting the event to be fully packed with lot of activities, well Nigerian time must not be underrated and ignored. Well prepared event setup, dinner-like setup but the sun  was not friendly for a morning to evening merriment, the sun must go down to fully get the 100% maximum expected fun.

It was good to see family presence, not just the usual hard core bikers’ event which we love but a semi funfair look alike. Dancers aggressively waiting to bust into stage action, “looking good” ushers roaming around with their pretty self selling tickets, Biker City , metallic horse, AXA insurance, shoptomydoor and Boulos Nigeria showing off what they have to offer. The FD foundation wasn’t left out too.

Now the mood is set.  Still locked on to the suspense we have been subjected to by the SCAN organizers which bikers are not used to. The time is now flying like an eagle hoping to see a full event. Where are the Lagos and the visiting bikers? Where are the SCAN lots (now 1pm)?

Behold the Hard riders (2) make their entry “wow”, 09ers glide-ly walked in looking sent from the bikers heaven, neatly dressed for the fun, some wheelers MC members already present, infinity my infinity (Kaduna) bikers present , REMC, Peace Riders MC ………etc made the presence in small numbers but were acknowledged.

I had to go round greeting old friends and making new friends from the manageable numbers I saw. Time still not slowing down (suspense still activated) blood pumping (BT lol) here comes the dancers stepping up the stage  so blessed I can only picture myself having such talent and flexibility but I quickly had to wake up. Loudest bike loading, noisy Jack, Rohit and other “wannabes” stepped up to the challenge but not scared of the rev implication. IT’S JACK AGAIN.

Now it’s time to show of the most pimped motorcycle but wait I see no sweet looking motorcycle here just for one ROHIT and Mr T from the Eagles MC,  well just hope the ladies will judge right. A BIKER I DON’T KNOW WON IT with his Christmas looking R1.

Now it’s time to cross over to the beach front for more fun (volley ball, jet-ski).

Back to the event- bikers not seeing any action still waiting for the NEW thing had to take their leave for the late comers to come try their luck on the suspense.

The action was the Road Roar

For bikers the ride is always the destination

Congratulation SCAN on your successful event .We hope it will be better next time.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

We had a chat with Jack (Airbender) On the BT next week

Jay: Greetings the BT champ
Jay: It's Jay. From www.bikersmovement.com
Jack biker: I greet you boss
Jack biker: Lovely DP
Jack biker: I'm Catholic too
Jack biker: And I love the pope
Jay: Fantastic
Jay: http://www.bikersmovement.com/2015/11/lets-talk-about-bikers-trophy-bt-if-you.html?m=1
Have u seen the above link?
Some bikers are seriously ready for u at the BT

Jack biker: Nice one
Jack biker: I read all
Jay: Hope you are not scared πŸ˜„
Jack biker: Blow was modest with his answer
Jack biker: I respect him
Jack biker: He's a good rider
Jack biker: I'm not scared of Rossi
Jack biker: And he was honest to say 286km
Jay: That's a strong statement. Are u referring to ROSSI the  MOTOGP guy
Jack biker: I did same speed a bit more
Jack biker: Yea
Jay: Well that's the spirit of the BT
Jack biker: Rossi can't ride on our roads but we can comfortably ride on their circuits
Jack biker: There's a big difference riding their and riding here
Jack biker: We have very good riders
Jay: So what are your plans to retain the trophy?
Jack biker: Well all I could say is I'm racing for the love of the game
Jack biker: If I win glory be to God
Jack biker: If I don't I have enjoyed my run
Jack biker: Racing is in the genes of a real biker
Jay: Nice
Jay: So what biker are u racing on

Jack biker: That's Na girl
Jay: Nice.
Jack biker: 6 of my club members are racing
Jack biker: So we're hoping to take over the podium
Jack biker: 😝
Jack biker: 1st 2nd and 3rd place
Jack biker: Image
Jay: That's a good plan. It's going to be a hostile take over
Jack biker: Naaaah
Jack biker: It won't
Jack biker: It will be a smooth take
Jay: You guys surely pump an huge RED
Jack biker: We're ready
Jack biker: Very ready
Jack biker: We pump so red that were on fire
Jay: So we looking at 300km/h + speeds
Jack biker: Well no bike can hit the 300km/h mark except one or two bikes I know of

Jack biker: But we sure doing 295km/h
Jack biker: I hear we have a Kawasaki H2 coming
Jack biker: If the rider is courageous he should be hitting 340km/h
Jay: You are really in trouble. The H2???
Jack biker: Yea
Jack biker: But I don't think he should be allowed to race
Jack biker: But he can run the BT with his own Time
Jack biker: Cause it won't be fair to us
Jay: Who is coming with the monster
Jay: Www.bikersmovement.com needs to talk to him
Jack biker: It's actually faster the a ZX 14
Jack biker: The first BT winner
Jack biker: He's not on whatsapp
Jay: So why replace the 14 with a 1000
Jay: I am talking about you changing your bike to an R1
Jay: When the ZX14 gave u a win
Jack biker: I fell in love with it when I saw it
Jack biker: Plus Rossi is on a Yamaha
Jack biker: And he's my boss
Jay: Now you are a Rossi fan
Jay: Hmm nice
Jack biker: Plus I dint win on a ZX 14
Jack biker: I won on a CBR 1000
Jack biker: Forever been
Jay: Ooooh. Was miss informed?  So what can you say about the BT in general
Jack biker: It's the first of its kind in west Africa
Jay: Is it a good development in the West African biking community
Jack biker: It's where we can pump red
Jack biker: It's where you can separate the boys from the men
Jay: That's for your time.
 Jay: It’s nice having our chat on www.bikersmovement.com
Jack biker: Yes boss
Jack biker: We meet on the battle ground
Jay: Surly

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Its happining this very month

Motorsport meets Showbiz in Nigeria!
The Ultimate Bike Girl Nigeria (UBGN)
The Hexagon, Benin City,Edo State.
28th November, 2015.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The BT 2015 - Arrival Program

We Race!

The BT 2015 – All activities start from and end @ Motel Belesima, Ogheghe Village, Benin Bypass, Benin Warri Expressway, Benin City, Edo State.

  Arrive (Latest!) Friday 27th November, 2015),

  Meet us @ Motel Belesima, Ogheghe Village, to

IF racing,

Buy your UBG Entry Ticket (If you haven’t already)

2.     Formalise all formalities and sign all signables
3.     Choose & Obtain your race number sticker for your bikes
4.     Obtain your 2015 BT “I pump RED” Bike/Car Sticker
5.     Collect your UBG Ballot Paper
6.     Proceed to your hotel (if you indicated preference to have us do your hotel reservation). You will be directed/escorted to your hotel if not Motel Belesima.

IF watching

1.     Buy your N5k UBG entry ticket (If you haven’t already)
2.     Obtain your 2015 BT “I pump RED” Bike/Car Sticker
3.     Collect your UBG Ballot paper
4.     Proceed to your hotel (if you indicated preference to have us do your hotel reservation). You will be directed/escorted to your hotel if not Motel Belesima

Friday 27th November:  2pm - Ride to Urhonigbe for Race Route Sightseeing (110km from Motel Belesima) OR Benin City Road Show

Friday 27th November: 7pm – Pre Race Safety Discussion/Briefing (COMPULSORY ATTENDANCE BY ALL)


Saturday 28th November: 7AM – RACE DAY (Urhonigbe)

Saturday 28th November: 6PM – UBG NITE/RAFFLE DRAW (The Hexagon Place)

Saturday 28th November: 11PM – Hosting By Club Joker.

Sunday 29th November: Departures (All day)

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Lets talk about The Bikers Trophy (BT) IF YOU PUMP RED... THEN WE CHAT

28/10/2015 06:55 PM: Jay: Greetings boss
28/10/2015 06:56 PM: Jay: The BT is closer that we think

28/10/2015 06:56 PM: Jay: What are your plans
28/10/2015 07:20 PM: Blow Biker: Yea....it is
28/10/2015 07:20 PM: Blow Biker: Howdy mate

28/10/2015 07:20 PM: Blow Biker: I will race again😁

28/10/2015 07:21 PM: Jay: what made you not win the race last time
28/10/2015 07:23 PM: Blow Biker: Hmm....lets just say they were better than me
28/10/2015 07:24 PM: Jay: So what are ur plans to win it

28/10/2015 07:32 PM: Blow Biker: Will be using another bike with a much higher BHP.
28/10/2015 07:32 PM: Jay: So it's speed that was the problem
28/10/2015 07:34 PM: Blow Biker: Not really....its an added advantage
28/10/2015 07:35 PM: Blow Biker: I have the required skill...with a great bike, I should come out tops.

28/10/2015 07:37 PM: Jay: Now we have the skills and a better bike. Don't think the road (track) has changed. What part of the road it difficult or let's say challenging
28/10/2015 07:41 PM: Blow Biker: Correction sir..i always had the skill. There is an arc which we called 'sand sand'. It's like an angle 90.

28/10/2015 07:43 PM: Jay: So skills has been upgraded. Moral is 100% with the new motor. what's ur plan for ther "sand sand" zone

28/10/2015 07:44 PM: Blow Biker: ....will use that to my advantage. I
28/10/2015 07:45 PM: Blow Biker: 😁
28/10/2015 07:45 PM: Jay: What was ur top speed
28/10/2015 07:46 PM: Blow Biker: At the bikers trophy or?
28/10/2015 07:47 PM: Jay: Yeah
28/10/2015 07:47 PM: Jay: At the BT
28/10/2015 07:47 PM: Blow Biker: At the BT, there is a stretch I got up to 286km
28/10/2015 07:48 PM: Jay: The TT just got into Nigeria. Lol
28/10/2015 07:48 PM: Jay: Nice one
28/10/2015 07:48 PM: Jay: So what can you say about the BT
28/10/2015 07:51 PM: Blow Biker: It's a great idea from Motocross, I am soo impressed with the work he has done thuse far. Will continue to support the progress in any capacity I can. For now, I am a racer!

28/10/2015 07:51 PM: Blow Biker: *thus far
28/10/2015 07:52 PM: Jay: Thanks for you time. Www.bikersmovement.com
28/10/2015 07:55 PM: Jay: Don't be surprised to see our chat on www.bikersmovement.com
28/10/2015 07:55 PM: Blow Biker: No probs....just ensure the typo is fixed
28/10/2015 07:56 PM: Jay: We don't edit
28/10/2015 07:56 PM: Jay: It's fresh and original


28/10/2015 07:41 PM: Jay: Greetings boss
28/10/2015 09:28 PM: Kunle Biker jos: Oga sir
28/10/2015 09:28 PM: Kunle Biker jos: How your side?
28/10/2015 09:32 PM: Jay: Good Sir
28/10/2015 09:33 PM: Jay: Pls and pls. Tell me about the BT
28/10/2015 09:33 PM: Jay: I have never been to the event
28/10/2015 09:50 PM: Kunle Biker jos: The BT is simply a road race event
28/10/2015 09:51 PM: Kunle Biker jos: It's a sport bike race event
28/10/2015 09:52 PM: Kunle Biker jos: Bikers race to see who can cover a particular distance at the shortest possible time
28/10/2015 09:53 PM: Kunle Biker jos: Takeoff is at different time interval
28/10/2015 09:53 PM: Jay: So it's a time trial race like the TT.
28/10/2015 09:56 PM: Kunle Biker jos: Exactly
28/10/2015 09:57 PM: Jay: Did you attend the last event?
28/10/2015 09:57 PM: Kunle Biker jos: Yes
28/10/2015 09:58 PM: Jay: What's new for this year's event
28/10/2015 09:59 PM: Kunle Biker jos: It's better organised
28/10/2015 10:00 PM: Kunle Biker jos: Computer timing system will be used for more accuracy
28/10/2015 10:00 PM: Kunle Biker jos: There will be different categories
28/10/2015 10:01 PM: Kunle Biker jos: Of bikes
28/10/2015 10:01 PM: Jay: Will you race?
28/10/2015 10:02 PM: Kunle Biker jos: Yes😁
28/10/2015 10:02 PM: Jay: So you plan on wining the race
28/10/2015 10:03 PM: Kunle Biker jos: Well, don't think anyone should plan for lessπŸ˜„
28/10/2015 10:05 PM: Jay: You got a new yamaha R1?
28/10/2015 10:05 PM: Kunle Biker jos: Yeah
28/10/2015 10:06 PM: Kunle Biker jos: Not brand new anyway
28/10/2015 10:06 PM: Jay: So you want to race jack (Airbender)
28/10/2015 10:06 PM: Kunle Biker jos: Lol
28/10/2015 10:06 PM: Kunle Biker jos: Yes o
28/10/2015 10:06 PM: Jay: He is in real trouble
28/10/2015 10:07 PM: Kunle Biker jos: He's got same bike too
28/10/2015 10:07 PM: Jay: Same bike. Which means it all depends on the rider
28/10/2015 10:07 PM: Kunle Biker jos: Yes
28/10/2015 10:08 PM: Kunle Biker jos: No excuse
28/10/2015 10:08 PM: Jay: So should Jack and Blow be watching out for you
28/10/2015 10:08 PM: Kunle Biker jos: They should oπŸƒπŸ»πŸ’¨
28/10/2015 10:09 PM: Kunle Biker jos: Hahaha...
28/10/2015 10:09 PM: Jay: Nice to no you are ready for the BT.
28/10/2015 10:09 PM: Jay: So we have two great event for November
28/10/2015 10:10 PM: Kunle Biker jos: Yes
28/10/2015 10:10 PM: Kunle Biker jos: I can't miss any
28/10/2015 10:10 PM: Kunle Biker jos: God willing
28/10/2015 10:11 PM: Jay: We plan for a Good November
28/10/2015 10:11 PM: Jay: That's for ur time www.bikersmovement.com
28/10/2015 10:12 PM: Jay: Don't be surprised to see our chat on www.bikersmovement.com
28/10/2015 10:12 PM: Kunle Biker jos: Uwc