Thursday, October 29, 2015


I actually thought that I was going to wait until after the #MotoGP Race in November to get back in here to take you inside the happenings of the most spectacular Motorcycle show spot in our terrestrial ball. Little knew I that that was just one thought that will never get the breath of actuality and a dream that only lasted for the night.

The Shell Malaysian Grand Prix held each year since April1999 at the Sepang International Circuit (SIC) has always been a sacred Venue in the MotoGP calendar. 23rd October, 2011 Marco Simoncelli #58 (SuperSic) crashed and died few hours later having collided with Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi. This makes the Sepang Circuit a sacred place as the memory of the young Italian rider is always rekindled here every year in the racing weekends.

In that line of thought and believe, my mind had saddled to watch Valentino Rossi who was best friend with the late Simoncelli to tributize his fallen compatriot in his unique ways, a feat The Doctor is excellent in. Like every other thought, it was just a thought. Like every other dream, this was just a dream never meant to be fulfilled rather leave medulla faculty in an active yet illusive state.
(Insert 3rd Image)25th October 2015 at Sepang International Circuit the red lights went out and the 24 best motorcycle riders in the world led by Dani Pedrosa blast off the line as a well locked ballistic missile intended to annihilate its target. World Championship leader Valentino Rossi had a better start off his rival and team mate Jorge Lorenzo and looked ready to battle for the win to further extend his championship lead from Lorenzo. Lorenzo's story in the first few turns was that he found himself behind the over powerful Ducati Desmosedici GP15s of Andrea Dovizioso and Andrea Iannone. The Yamaha boy knew he had to find a way to escape on his M1 to keep his title hopes alive until the final race in Valencia.

What a moment! What I'm I doing? Egba mi o, Like my Yoruba colleague often exclaims. I do not even know what it means but I know this ain't the time for translation as this is not Language digest. Either ways, I am also really not supposed to generate and play a visual picture in your head with my scripted account of the MalaysianGrand Prix race as that is not what dragged me from to More unfortunate for GP results head is that the race was neither reported on the former media as a result of the MotoGP #SepangClash between Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez

Not until last Sunday, I have never watched neither a Motorcycle race nor any other film or movie that was that long. The new MotoGP Documentary film "HITTING THE APEX" by Mark Neale and Brad Pitt is over 2hours 40minutes playtime long yet still it's nothing compared to the 2015 MotoGP Shell Malaysian Grand Prix at the Sepang International Circuit. I have watched the Hobbit trilogy in a sitting and if you towed that same line and also watched last Sunday MotoGP race then you will agree totally with me that it's long yet all that combined isn't as long as the MotoGP Malaysian Grand Prix which was concluded last Sunday and is still playing and will continually play in the minds of MotoGP fanatics. A MotoGP Race lasts just 45 minutes, believe me folks, this was not the case on Sunday when Valentino Rossi ran wide to cause Marc Marquez to crash off his Honda RC213V and the Malaysian Grand Prix responding to the young chap's conspiracy theory to rub the 9 times World Champion of his 10th World Championship title.

If you tag last Sunday's race as 'MotoGP, The Extended Version' you will be damn right, pal. I tell you.. This is just "The WARM UP" practice trying to find a way to give you the real report as it's supposed to, thus, stay tuned for The MotoGP SepangClash Series featuring World Famous Valentino Rossi and Wannabe Marc Marquez.. The next episode is titled "THE MOTOGP SEPANG CLASH; Verbal Attacks"

By: Ikemesit 'BikeGP' Nkereuwem


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