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Details on the RR...Unity in Brotherhood!!!
We are glad to share this video from the Organizing Committee Team Chairman,Ogbonnaya "FD" Kanu and trust that it will give some insight into what we have planned.Enjoy the short video and we look forward to seeing you on The RR and at The Gathering!!!Details on the Gathering coming soon!
Posted by Superbike CAN on Monday, October 19, 2015

To Be a part of the RR tour CLICK HERE

Its a way SCAN plans to increase the fun for interested bikers and non-bikers, through a group riding tour from November 16th - 20th and the Lagos GATHERING; November 21st and departure 22nd

The tour (Road Roar).

This is a tour open to all bikers and non-bikers interested in the Gathering.

Instead of travelling alone or in club group. We want to give every biker a chance to ride with other bikers in a bond tour, starting from the north down to Lagos. We have many bikers who have said they will come up north as far beyond Abuja and ride all through the beautiful cascade of the landscape of NIGERIA to Lagos while others will join up in a designated routes that we will publish close to the opening of the tour.

Please use this information to enlighten all motorcycle enthusiast, bikers, SCAN members and interested Indiees.

Thank you all

By: Smokes

Hey calm down The Gathering is close


  1. we need more details like where is the rendezvous point, what is the route, whats the program. This starts tomorrow lets not forget and so far little is known about the activities. I think it is shrouded in mystery. Please educate us @Jay @SCAN