Thursday, October 8, 2015

The BIN Convention (ASABA) Day 3

Waking up from Day 2 was hard; still trying to understand the cold, the strange rain and the fact that my guys planned to ride to Nnewi (Anambra state) to work on their rims. Hey!! Day 3 is the main day of the convention. Slow riding challenge, sales of motorcycle accessories and apparels, lunch/dinner, AGM and election. Bikers In Nigeria (BIN) just making a new start did not really have time to prepare for this event I guess. But we all had fun to the fullest.

First it kicked off with the slow ride challenge between representatives from all interested motorcycle clubs and organizations.  Now I will not go into details to bore you with the failures and disqualification but to the main competitors; Nam Gigi, Osa, Jay and Argo Raak.

It’s a Test of Balance and Control

Never seen Argo do the slow ride but definitely scared of Nam and The king. It was my 1st time attempting the challenge. See pictures and results below then you can make your conclusions

Jay- Representing bikersmovement and 514 Ryders finished in   1min 20 sec
Nam Gigi- Representing Hard Ryders MC finished in                           1min 15 sec
Osa- Representing Hard Ryders MC finished in                                     1min 12 sec
Argo Raak –Representing A41 MC finished in                                      1min

The longest time wins the challenge and a winner was presented, still awaiting the trophy

Then the girls stepped in for the motorcycle wash (wet bath sounds better) and totally got all bikers engaged with 100% Focus and concentration with their sexy looking moves and dance steps. Then K switch comes in to do what he does best (sing), stealing the female bikes heart (police standing by).

It was surely a wow event.

Now guys getting hungry, its lunch time. Well fed bikers listened to the BIN executives introduce The Bikers In Nigeria housed by AOS (please don’t ask me what it means). The hall was excused by non members for the Election which was peacefully held, presided by Bros B. See below for inaugural and new executives

Inaugural Executives
Inyang - President
Attaka- Vic President
D’Invicible 1- Financial Secretary
Dr Prescott- Treasurer
Queen – PRO
T –Black- Welfare Officer

1st Elected Executives of BIN
Harold – President
D’Invicible 1- Secretary General
Joan-Financial Secretary
T-Black- Publicity Secretary
Uduak- Provost

Note: The above positions were based on club nomination

Day 4 was a dry and lovely ride back to our homes for the lagos Bikers. The Abuja bikers have a different story to tell (Just Pics)


Still at our disposal to sell us some motorcycle parts, apparels, and accessories.... 
Argotio's Bike Showroom, Metallic Horses and Bikerwearhouse

We Ride again for the BT and The Gathering (By SCAN)

Thanks to Diseye Tantua for the wonderful pictures


  1. It was a nice one... Big ups BIN
    Big ups Bikers movement

  2. Lovely 1. It's elaborate and comprehensive. Thumbs up.

  3. Lovely 1. It's elaborate and comprehensive. Thumbs up.