Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The BIN Convention (ASABA) Day 2

@ Day 2

Waking up was hard. Was it from the massage from our pillions or the drill from the long ride for some coming from the west? Well we finally woke up to gather in our hundreds to make the ABRAKA ride (swimming with the fishes and gaming).

Now it’s another time to say hi to long seen friends and talk about the day one (1) initial ride from home too quick to forget our plan for the day. Time is going and some addicted riders are itching to hit the road to an unknown destination only heard of, Jack doing his ride on a mini bike, guys washing their bikes (I wonder if it will reduce the mileage), Jay sharing stickers (bikers movement) to the guys.

Now Master; guys it’s time to move (guys no dey use ear hear ride matter). So we rode to Agbor and made our turn to Abraka road. Guys not studying the road for a different condition when returning, so much anxiety, and expectation, eager to arrive.

Finally we arrive to join the fishes have fun in the “so clean 100% fresh natural aquarium-like river” now this is new to so many. Too excited, guys were doing too much and losing energy to the mercy of life guards in a canoe (not militants).  So much fun (all thanks to BIN)

Now Master; guys it’s time to move (guys no dey use ear hear ride matter). Guys gearing up from the water threatening their pillion that they will be left behind if they still had sexy bikinis on (its leather and mesh time).

Now the weather starts oozing tick black clouds being fueled by wind (so many bikers not prepared for this dreaded type of rain ) but smiles in the faces of the experienced bikers  (another test of skills)  but Jay, Queen and Al-Hamid formed an emergency crew for the rainy ride being the last bikers to leave the Abraka event. Queen on a CBR 600 rr, Jay on an F800gs (road eater) and Al-Hamid on a ZX6 (Why 600) moving on our 120km speed in the strong rain consistently, got to meet the guys with 1,000,000,000,000 cc motorcycle (hahahahahaha) crying for help from bent rims gotten from low visibility (heavy rain).

Great guys with trucks gave them salvation when they most needed it.

Back to our hotels and pillions for the pillion-airs and Jay to his phone hoping for DAY 3 too cold for the Night Party.


  1. It Ws am awesome ride indeed I don't see myself anywhere

  2. Jay forgot to mention that after the swim in the fresh waters in Abraka, few bikers opted to swim in the potholes enroute Asaba!! haha

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  5. What an amazing event!! I am glad that you all had such a fun weekend. My fiancé and I are also going to attend such amazing fest at some popular Seattle venues. It is a food, art and music event.

  6. It will be better next year......