Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Bikers In Nigeria (BIN) Experience ( 1000km we Rode)

Coming together to merry, gossip, become friends, strengthen friendships, share memories, decide the future, learn….. Above all, Ride together can surely make you feel more alive.

Like the publication and event updates states, most of the bikers in Nigeria and neighboring countries had to prepare hard for a rainy ride to ASABA the event location. Bikers love to show off for every reason known to them and show off we saw. New riding gears, decorative lights, new motorcycles, new girlfriends =) . it was a success and definitely fun filled

For the ride to Asaba new tires had to be installed, services had to be done.

From my riding crew we setout

Stopped after an hour (Ajah-Ijebu ode) to wait for a friend coming in from Lagos main land (Apple)

We continued to our next stop (Ore) to re-fuel then we saw other bikers heading to same event (now more fun but slower ride) we chatted, refueled and moved to our next stop (Benin)  which was brief. 


Brief??? We where exhausted  from a critical holdup which took the joy out from us but gave us a life experience to talk about another day.

Asaba we arrived; the fun was too quick to slap us on the face with smiles from long seen friends, awesomeness was the order of the day till we departed.

Should I call it a convention or Coming together for a new beginning (More like a new start)

Day 2: Abraka

Day 3;

Clubs in Attendance:

Wheelers Motorcycle Club - Lagos state
D’ Angels Motorcycle Club - Lagos state
D’Millennials Motorbike Club - Akwa ibom state
Easy Riders Motorcycle Club (ERMC) - Lagos
HardRidaz Motorcycle Club (HRMC) - Rivers state
Stalwart Motorcycle Club - Lagos state
Steel Knight MC (SKMC)- Oyo State
Tinapa Bikerz  - Cross Rivers state
Good Fellas MC Lagos state
Warriors MC - Delta state
Eagles MC -Lagos
09MC - Abuja
Capital City Motorcycle Club - Abuja
Infinite Bikers - Kaduna State
514 riders forum- Lagos
Rock City MC - Ogun State
2 Runners - Lagos
Pilleum MC - Oyo State
Hot Wheels - Ghana

Bikers View:


  1. Great job@Jay!!!
    I missed this one... hopefully not the next one.
    Ride safe y'all

  2. Nice one Jay!! Keep it up

  3. Thanks. More will be published till every BIN story in finished

  4. Omo nicely covered someone who didn't get the chance to attend would feel like he or she was there

  5. Good read!
    Thanks for keeping the memories of Asaba BIN Convention alive!
    Good job!

  6. Wow.......Lovely piece.... It was indeed a fun to remember. Thanks

  7. Nice write up and lovely pix . thanks for keeping the spirit alive bro . You're the man . - Gates

  8. Nice job Jay....knew u wont allow we dat couldnt make it miss out in the fun guys enjoyed.....saw couple of friends from 09bikers nd bikers frm PHC......lovely pix..thanks.....

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