Monday, October 12, 2015

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! To Ride Easy Motorcycle club, Lagos Nigeria

Imagine a situation where you start looking for a word to describe the type of fun you get from an event. It was a four (4) hour event but looked like 30min because we wanted it to last forever, such a wonderful moment with the Ride Easy Motorcycle club guys and definitely Girls (sexy; I saw).

A pool with lot of bikini owners hovering around with bikers looking lost, testing their focusing skills, lots of Orijin, Star, and Hennessey waiting for the mugu bikers to consume while we who rode concentrated on the menu which included roasted fish, chicken and some ram-looking meat (not a chicken or meat eater so I passed) chips by the side.  

Aikay and the boys dove into the female infested pool giving in to the temptation from the sexy bikini owners who danced away to the sound of the loud music. Short clip below can give you a feel:

With the right crowd the fun was to the fullest and again we talked about our ride from Asaba (convention) being that we had not seen since the ride. Hoping for what to expect from the Lagos gathering (SCAN). We are bikers and we always look forward to ways of having fun (life’s too short)

REMC is still young and growing in their two years of existence and from the Bikers Movement’s point of view it looks very strongly healthy. More grace to the forces behind the organization.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! To Ride Easy Motorcycle club, Lagos Nigeria

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