Friday, October 30, 2015


You have probably not been hinted about the ULTIMATE BIKER GIRL.

The UBGN is the evening highlight of The Bikers Trophy (The BT) Super-bike Nigeria Race event held annually on the last Saturday of November in Edo State, Nigeria.

It is a celebration of the beauty of the African woman’s body from the perspective of super-bike racers and fans of super-bikes & amp; Motorsport generally.

It also celebrates the love, support & enthusiasm women have for our sport.

We pump RED at the BT & Pink at the UBG!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2015


I actually thought that I was going to wait until after the #MotoGP Race in November to get back in here to take you inside the happenings of the most spectacular Motorcycle show spot in our terrestrial ball. Little knew I that that was just one thought that will never get the breath of actuality and a dream that only lasted for the night.

The Shell Malaysian Grand Prix held each year since April1999 at the Sepang International Circuit (SIC) has always been a sacred Venue in the MotoGP calendar. 23rd October, 2011 Marco Simoncelli #58 (SuperSic) crashed and died few hours later having collided with Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi. This makes the Sepang Circuit a sacred place as the memory of the young Italian rider is always rekindled here every year in the racing weekends.

In that line of thought and believe, my mind had saddled to watch Valentino Rossi who was best friend with the late Simoncelli to tributize his fallen compatriot in his unique ways, a feat The Doctor is excellent in. Like every other thought, it was just a thought. Like every other dream, this was just a dream never meant to be fulfilled rather leave medulla faculty in an active yet illusive state.
(Insert 3rd Image)25th October 2015 at Sepang International Circuit the red lights went out and the 24 best motorcycle riders in the world led by Dani Pedrosa blast off the line as a well locked ballistic missile intended to annihilate its target. World Championship leader Valentino Rossi had a better start off his rival and team mate Jorge Lorenzo and looked ready to battle for the win to further extend his championship lead from Lorenzo. Lorenzo's story in the first few turns was that he found himself behind the over powerful Ducati Desmosedici GP15s of Andrea Dovizioso and Andrea Iannone. The Yamaha boy knew he had to find a way to escape on his M1 to keep his title hopes alive until the final race in Valencia.

What a moment! What I'm I doing? Egba mi o, Like my Yoruba colleague often exclaims. I do not even know what it means but I know this ain't the time for translation as this is not Language digest. Either ways, I am also really not supposed to generate and play a visual picture in your head with my scripted account of the MalaysianGrand Prix race as that is not what dragged me from to More unfortunate for GP results head is that the race was neither reported on the former media as a result of the MotoGP #SepangClash between Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez

Not until last Sunday, I have never watched neither a Motorcycle race nor any other film or movie that was that long. The new MotoGP Documentary film "HITTING THE APEX" by Mark Neale and Brad Pitt is over 2hours 40minutes playtime long yet still it's nothing compared to the 2015 MotoGP Shell Malaysian Grand Prix at the Sepang International Circuit. I have watched the Hobbit trilogy in a sitting and if you towed that same line and also watched last Sunday MotoGP race then you will agree totally with me that it's long yet all that combined isn't as long as the MotoGP Malaysian Grand Prix which was concluded last Sunday and is still playing and will continually play in the minds of MotoGP fanatics. A MotoGP Race lasts just 45 minutes, believe me folks, this was not the case on Sunday when Valentino Rossi ran wide to cause Marc Marquez to crash off his Honda RC213V and the Malaysian Grand Prix responding to the young chap's conspiracy theory to rub the 9 times World Champion of his 10th World Championship title.

If you tag last Sunday's race as 'MotoGP, The Extended Version' you will be damn right, pal. I tell you.. This is just "The WARM UP" practice trying to find a way to give you the real report as it's supposed to, thus, stay tuned for The MotoGP SepangClash Series featuring World Famous Valentino Rossi and Wannabe Marc Marquez.. The next episode is titled "THE MOTOGP SEPANG CLASH; Verbal Attacks"

By: Ikemesit 'BikeGP' Nkereuwem

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

REMINDER: The BT 2015 Registration and Categories

It is one week to close of The BT 2015 Registration. Registration CLOSES 31st October, 2015.

All Intending participants in The BT races coming up on the 28th of November, 2015 in Urhonigbe, Edo State should please REGISTER with our volunteer contacts closest to them. That is, if The BT 2015 will be your first attempt at "pumping RED!". 

DO NOT REGISTER if you plan to come and WATCH.


1. Pro Series 600cc (Registration CLOSED)

2. 600cc (& Below) Sport Bike Category ( 600cc Championship Category)

3. 1000cc ( & Below) Sport Bike Category (The BT Championship Category)

4. Above 1000cc Sport Bike Category

Registration Contacts

Lagos: Lanre (08023406824), Blow (08034708863)

PH: Nengi (08037493169), Lateef (08023456002)

Abuja/North: Kunle (08033549518)

Calabar/Uyo: Archibong (08064357001)

Ibadan/SouthWest: Francis (08181271473), Jorge (08080265504)

Benin/Warri/Asaba: Wale (08183429854), Don (07069181716)

Owerri/East: Jack (08100000898)

West Africa: Armstrong (+234 703 290 4582)

Visit or follow Instagram account (superbikenigeria) to stay up to date with The BT 2015! If you pump RED!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Gathering and The Bikers Trophy (BT) for November

Bikers Movements traditional raw unedited whatsapp/bbm chats interview

We have two main events for November which is The Gathering and The Bikers Trophy (BT). If you pump red, then you are in for the BT after the gathering.

The Gathering kicks off November 16th - 22nd while the the BT if for  27th-29

What few bikers had to say:

20/10/2015 05:41 PM: Jay: Greetings boss. I know you have said a lot about the GATHERING. But what are ur expectations

20/10/2015 08:53 PM: Smokes abj biker: My expectations is high and am optimistic that we have don our best .

20/10/2015 08:54 PM: Jay: We pray for a great event
20/10/2015 08:54 PM: Jay: Will you be attending the BT
20/10/2015 11:19 PM: Jay: smile
20/10/2015 11:52 PM: Smokes abj biker: Yeah boss

21/10/2015 08:33 AM: Jay: It is a bikers movements traditional raw unedited chats interview
Our chat will be on

21/10/2015 09:27 AM: Smokes abj biker: Nice one bro


20/10/2015 6:48 PM - Jay: What are ur expectations for the BT
20/10/2015 7:06 PM - Moto BT- 88: Bro, I no understand o
20/10/2015 7:08 PM - Moto BT- 88: How u mean?
20/10/2015 7:09 PM - Jay: It's like promotional interview
Am asking lots of bikers
It's a way of creating awareness
20/10/2015 7:09 PM - Moto BT- 88: Oh...
20/10/2015 7:10 PM - Moto BT- 88: Thanks
20/10/2015 7:10 PM - Moto BT- 88: You doing a great job on bikersmovement
20/10/2015 7:12 PM - Moto BT- 88: I have very little expectations though that most bikers will understand what The BT is about...It is a new thing...

20/10/2015 7:27 PM - Moto BT- 88: What we have set out to do with The BT is to, within the peculiarities of our environment, jump start motorsport as an activity that we also can engage in....We do not believe that it is a space alien sport

20/10/2015 7:28 PM - Moto BT- 88: But unless you start something, you have no chance of improving it....We have started it. It has improved year on year & we expect this year's event to be an improvement on last year's. In terms of organisation and attendance while maintaining our safety record. That is our humble expectation.

20/10/2015 8:34 PM - Jay: Thanks for ur time Boss
21/10/2015 5:24 AM - Moto BT- 88: Good morning
21/10/2015 5:25 AM - Moto BT- 88: Thanks too Boss
21/10/2015 11:06 AM - Jay: I know you are a busy man. Will you be at the Gathering (SCAN)
21/10/2015 11:07 AM - Moto BT- 88: At this time. No
21/10/2015 11:07 AM - Moto BT- 88: Will be in Benin....busy as u say...
21/10/2015 11:16 AM - Moto BT- 88: Why u asking?
21/10/2015 12:18 PM - Jay: We have just 2 event for November
21/10/2015 12:18 PM - Jay: So I am just having short interview with some bikers
21/10/2015 12:19 PM - Moto BT- 88: Ok.


20/10/2015 08:13 PM: Jay: What are ur expectations for the GATHERING
20/10/2015 08:14 PM: ‎Argo Raak: Image
20/10/2015 08:14 PM: Argo Raak: Have not made up my mind yet...
20/10/2015 08:15 PM: ‎Argo Raak: Most likely to join later days, can't promise anything...
20/10/2015 08:32 PM: Jay: What's ur plan for the BT
21/10/2015 07:58 AM: Argo Raak: I must be there (smile)


20/10/2015 06:16 PM: Jay: What are ur expectations for the GATHERING

20/10/2015 06:47 PM: VON: Well as for me, I don't think I have any, bcos I know SCAN is able and they will make all d biker that day proud of b a biker.

20/10/2015 06:51 PM: ‎VON: Bcos u guys are d main brain behind d anmc before, and since u guys left them, I believe it's going to b a big change like never before, bcos as I'm concerned SCAN is will never let us bikers down, and that's y u guys are starting ur first SCAN gathering in lagos state, b d biggest state with biking activities, and that alone is a passmark anyday from us in lagos.

20/10/2015 06:52 PM: Jay: I have never been in a club.
20/10/2015 06:52 PM: Jay: This is
20/10/2015 06:53 PM: Jay: We are not an MC or affiliates

20/10/2015 06:55 PM: VON: OK, I was thinking u are one of them, sorry bro, but like I said earlier, it will b grate and I believe in them.

20/10/2015 06:56 PM: Jay: It is a bikers movements traditional raw un edited chats interview

20/10/2015 07:04 PM: Jay: Our chat will be on

20/10/2015 08:36 PM: ‎VON: Well if u say so, but I believe I never did or say anything wrong in my words, and if I did I'm sure it's d truth I must have said, so I'm OK with ur interview if it's OK with u also.

20/10/2015 08:37 PM: Jay: promotes Good biking spirit
20/10/2015 08:37 PM: VON: And I'm so honored b interview by u, Thanks.
20/10/2015 08:37 PM: Jay: Let's have a positive mindset
20/10/2015 08:37 PM: Jay: Thanks boss

20/10/2015 08:42 PM: ‎VON: Any day bro, u and ur guys are really making d world know much about Nigeria biking society, and that alone is what God will keep blessing u guys on, inletting our lifestyle on biking go on media.

20/10/2015 08:49 PM: Jay:


20/10/2015 06:11 PM: Jay: What are ur expectations for the GATHERING
20/10/2015 06:12 PM: Jay: I know everyone wants a more fun event
20/10/2015 06:14 PM: Dicta biker lag: Good evening. Riding bliss, networking in a relaxed atmosphere.

20/10/2015 06:15 PM: Jay: Thanks for your intelligent response. Biker's are great
20/10/2015 06:22 PM: Jay: Have u heard of the Bikers trophy (BT) 2015
20/10/2015 06:25 PM: Dicta biker lag: Yup.
20/10/2015 06:28 PM: Jay: Will you attend

20/10/2015 08:39 PM: Jay: It is a bikers movements traditional raw un edited chats interview
Our chat will be on

21/10/2015 07:05 AM: Dicta biker lag: Can't say for now.
21/10/2015 07:54 AM: Jay: Thanks for your time


20/10/2015 06:17 PM: Jay: What are ur expectations for the GATHERING
20/10/2015 07:05 PM: ‎Arnold: Woah
20/10/2015 07:06 PM: ‎Arnold: From what am seeing them plan. Expect nigeria sturgis.

20/10/2015 07:06 PM: ‎+234 815 887 0191: And image remodeling.
20/10/2015 07:10 PM: Jay: Great
20/10/2015 07:10 PM: Jay: Do you know about the BT
20/10/2015 07:11 PM: Jay: Biker's trophy
20/10/2015 07:11 PM: ‎Arnold: Yea
20/10/2015 07:11 PM: ‎Arnold: Racing
20/10/2015 07:12 PM: Arnold: Am not a race fan
20/10/2015 07:12 PM: ‎Arnold: I ride crusier
20/10/2015 07:12 PM: ‎Arnold: Had only bought 1 sport before
20/10/2015 07:13 PM: ‎Arnold: So I don't know what it feels like doing 290km/m cos my kinda bike allows only 175-225 km/h max

20/10/2015 07:28 PM: Jay: Will you attend both events
20/10/2015 07:32 PM: ‎Arnold: Yep
20/10/2015 07:36 PM: Jay: So you plan on having fun November
20/10/2015 07:43 PM: Arnold: Yes oooh
20/10/2015 07:44 PM: ‎Arnold: The year ends in November
20/10/2015 07:47 PM: Jay: Thanks for your time
20/10/2015 08:14 PM: Arnold: U welcome


20/10/2015 06:18 PM: Jay: Greetings
20/10/2015 06:18 PM: Jay: What are ur expectations for the GATHERING
20/10/2015 07:05 PM: Chuka jos biker: Don't understand Jay?
20/10/2015 07:06 PM: Jay: It's like promotional interview
20/10/2015 07:06 PM: Jay: Am asking lots of bikers
20/10/2015 07:06 PM: Jay: It's a way of creating awareness
20/10/2015 07:29 PM: Chuka jos biker: Well, certainly the first of its kind in this clime, this is exactly why SCAN was birthed and I am proud to be associated with this!  In a programme like this, I am finally living out my dream of biking and what it  means to me, tourism, recreation, fairly

20/10/2015 07:35 PM: Jay: Have u heard about the biker trophy
20/10/2015 07:35 PM: Jay: That's the second event for November
20/10/2015 07:36 PM: Chuka jos biker: That's the racing?
20/10/2015 07:37 PM: Jay: Yeah
20/10/2015 07:38 PM: Chuka jos biker: It's the week after ours, we may pass through,but not sure yet

20/10/2015 07:39 PM: Jay: November is just going to be fun
20/10/2015 07:39 PM: Jay: Thanks for ur time
20/10/2015 07:39 PM: Chuka jos biker: 👍
20/10/2015 07:39 PM: Jay: It is a bikers movements traditional raw un edited chats interview

20/10/2015 07:41 PM: Jay: Our chat will be on
20/10/2015 07:41 PM: Jay: With other interviews
20/10/2015 07:45 PM: Chuka jos biker: Ok. However,  it is our hope that the ROAD Roar and De gathering will breathe a life of its own and become a yearly event with new dimensions with a central theme of a positive perception of the sport!


20/10/2015 06:25 PM: Jay: What are ur expectations for the GATHERING
20/10/2015 06:32 PM: Ogo biker girl: Huh
20/10/2015 06:32 PM: Ogo biker girl: Brb
20/10/2015 06:43 PM: Ogo biker girl: I'm back
20/10/2015 06:43 PM: Jay: Welcome back
20/10/2015 06:43 PM: Jay: What are ur expectations for the GATHERING
20/10/2015 06:44 PM: Ogo biker girl: That's the Roar right?
20/10/2015 06:45 PM: Jay: Yes the So called RR and the main event
20/10/2015 06:49 PM: Ogo biker girl: Erm, I really haven't given it much thought o. I can't keep up with the daily news or something so I haven't read their updates. However, I understand they want to ride orderly from the North to the West. Correct me if I'm wrong please.

20/10/2015 06:50 PM: Jay: Ok.
20/10/2015 06:51 PM: Jay: There is going to be a main event. What do you expect to experience there

20/10/2015 06:52 PM: Ogo biker girl: Do you need my thoughts now?
20/10/2015 06:52 PM: Ogo biker girl: Let me think and let you know
20/10/2015 06:52 PM: Ogo biker girl: Cause I'm blank right now
20/10/2015 06:54 PM: Jay: lol
20/10/2015 06:56 PM: Jay: It is a bikers movements traditional raw un edited chats interview

20/10/2015 07:01 PM: Ogo biker girl: Haaaaa
20/10/2015 07:01 PM: Ogo biker girl: Lmao
20/10/2015 07:01 PM: Ogo biker girl: You didn't tell me 😐
20/10/2015 07:04 PM: Jay: Our chat will be on
20/10/2015 07:08 PM: Ogo biker girl: This very chat?
20/10/2015 07:09 PM: Jay: Yeah
20/10/2015 07:28 PM: Ogo biker girl: Ok...
20/10/2015 07:32 PM: Jay: 😄
20/10/2015 07:32 PM: Ogo biker girl: I like the idea of bikers meeting at different locations, joining the ride to the final destination. It is quite intriguing. Because of the mystery surrounding The Roar, I am curious as what The Gathering holds... That's it for me

20/10/2015 07:36 PM: Jay: Thanks
20/10/2015 07:39 PM: Ogo biker girl: You welcome


20/10/2015 06:18 PM: Jay: What are ur expectations for the GATHERING
20/10/2015 06:22 PM: Nengi biker ph: To contribute positively to the Biking community in Nigeria and definitely promote Brotherhood irrespective of your affiliation
20/10/2015 06:23 PM: Jay: Have u heard of the Bikers trophy (BT) 2015
20/10/2015 06:24 PM: Nengi biker ph: I am part of the organizing team
20/10/2015 06:29 PM: Jay: So you pump red
20/10/2015 06:32 PM: Nengi biker ph: Yes I pump RED all the way
20/10/2015 06:33 PM: Jay: That's for ur time
20/10/2015 07:04 PM: Jay: It is a bikers movements traditional raw un edited chats interview
Our chat will be on
20/10/2015 07:06 PM: Nengi biker ph: Cool one bro


20/10/2015 06:17 PM: Jay: What are ur expectations for the GATHERING
20/10/2015 06:22 PM: GG biker abj: I expect to see a more united and formidable bikers  irrespective of ur region, club, race, religion or bike type, dat would bring Nigerian bikers in d forefront of world motorcycling which will in return developed the sports, hobby and fun for tomorrow
20/10/2015 06:23 PM: Jay: Have u heard of the Bikers trophy (BT) 2015
20/10/2015 06:29 PM: GG biker abj: Yes..  @ Edo state
20/10/2015 06:29 PM: Jay: Will you be there?
20/10/2015 06:30 PM: GG biker abj: Unfailingly yes
20/10/2015 06:30 PM: Jay: Will you race?
20/10/2015 06:31 PM: GG biker abj: Nope
20/10/2015 06:31 PM: Jay: So what are ur expectations for the BT
20/10/2015 06:32 PM: GG biker abj: Its gonna give birth to a circuit in Nigeria someday
20/10/2015 06:33 PM: Jay: Thanks for ur time
20/10/2015 06:43 PM: GG biker abj: Uwc...
20/10/2015 07:05 PM: Jay: It is a bikers movements traditional raw un edited chats interview
Our chat will be on
20/10/2015 07:05 PM: GG biker abj: Kk uwc


20/10/2015 08:04 PM: Jay: What are ur expectations for the GATHERING
20/10/2015 08:15 PM: Big Dee Biker Abk: I just wanna ride
20/10/2015 08:15 PM: Big Dee Biker Abk: Meet new bikers
20/10/2015 08:16 PM: Big Dee Biker Abk: See ppl have been chating with but never met
20/10/2015 08:16 PM: Big Dee Biker Abk: Have fun
20/10/2015 08:16 PM: Big Dee Biker Abk: That's all
20/10/2015 08:16 PM: Big Dee Biker Abk: If I can get all that am fulfilled
20/10/2015 08:31 PM: Jay: What's the BT all about
20/10/2015 08:32 PM: Jay: The second November event
20/10/2015 08:34 PM: Big Dee Biker Abk: Jay why me na?
20/10/2015 08:35 PM: Big Dee Biker Abk: Am not part of BT team
20/10/2015 08:35 PM: Jay: Will you attend
20/10/2015 08:35 PM: Big Dee Biker Abk: How do I explain another parson's event now?
20/10/2015 08:35 PM: Big Dee Biker Abk: Not sure of BT
20/10/2015 08:36 PM: Jay: It's a bikers and non-bikers event
20/10/2015 08:36 PM: Big Dee Biker Abk: But am sure of "GATHERING"
20/10/2015 08:36 PM: Jay: Nice
20/10/2015 08:36 PM: Jay: Thanks for ur time
20/10/2015 08:36 PM: Big Dee Biker Abk: Its framed around "BIKE RACE"
20/10/2015 08:37 PM: Big Dee Biker Abk: Uw bro
20/10/2015 08:38 PM: Jay: It is a bikers movements traditional raw un edited chats interview
Our chat will be on

20/10/2015 08:40 PM: Big Dee Biker Abk: Lol
20/10/2015 08:40 PM: Big Dee Biker Abk: Very funny,nice concept though


Jay: Greetings boss. I know you have said a lot about the GATHERING. But what are ur expectations

Kanu: What do you mean?

Jay: What do you expect to see or experience in the gathering

Kanu: My expectations are not important boss... I am only doing the bidding of the people I represent.

Kanu: What do you think we should be expecting?

Jay: Not "we" I am talking about you. I have been asking lots of bikes.   It's a normal hype b4 an event.

Jay: What are ur expectations for the event.   To promote the awareness of a program or event you ask guys  what their expectations are.

Kanu: Ahhhhh... OK.

Kanu: Well I expect that we will get to actually RIDE in Brotherhood. I also expect that we can look at the things that we have in common and not our differences as we come together to have clean and wholesome fun. I expect responsible, upright and strong men and women who ride to join in and support what we are doing.... For our collective good.


21/10/2015 05:45 PM: Jay: What are ur expectations for the BT
21/10/2015 06:08 PM: BikerGP: Hmn.. Can't really say being the fact that I have never been to it, but it should be awesome
21/10/2015 06:10 PM: Jay: What about the GATHERING
21/10/2015 06:10 PM: BikerGP: Oh! The #Gathering sure will be Spectacular.. It will be the new thing

21/10/2015 06:11 PM: BikerGP: It'll be unique
21/10/2015 06:12 PM: Jay: From tales of the BIN convention. How can you imagine it being that u missed it?

21/10/2015 06:16 PM: BikerGP: I doubt I missed out anything except the #SlowRiding competition
21/10/2015 06:17 PM: Jay: Hope to see you at the gathering and the BT
21/10/2015 06:17 PM: Jay: Thanks for ur time
21/10/2015 06:23 PM: BikerGP: My Question has been selected amongst to be part of Jorge Lorenzo's eBook to be published after the last #MotoGP Race in Valencia, Spain.. Just got the email

21/10/2015 06:47 PM: Jay: Nice
21/10/2015 07:16 PM: BikerGP: Thanks

Friday, October 16, 2015


The Superbike Clubs Association of Nigeria Set To Organize First Nationwide Riding Event In Nigerian History

The Superbike Clubs Association of Nigeria (SCAN) is organizing a first-of-it’s-kind riding event tagged The Road Roar (RR).

The RR is a road tour which will span five days, with riders taking off from the north, and others joining along designated routes, as they proceed to Lagos.

Looking to be the largest group ride ever witnessed, the RR will start off on the 16th of November and end on the 20th of November 2015.

The RR provides a unique platform to experience adventure, tourism, and culture as the participants ride through different cities in Nigeria in an uncommon show of brotherhood and patriotism upholding SCAN’s codes of safety, honor and integrity.

The RR is not an exclusive event, and is open to everyone irrespective of affiliations, or nationalities.

“This is not about bikers alone, it’s about Nigerians. It’s about our future, it’s about the freedom to do what you love. It’s about brotherhood. We foresee in the near future that even car owners would be able to participate in the Road Roar,” said renowned super biker and SCAN BoT member, Ogbonnaya Kanu.

Participants who complete the event will receive a certificate of completion from SCAN in recognition of their efforts and accomplishments.

Interested participants may sign up for the RR at


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

OGO Tells Her BIN Convention Ride Experience

My name is Ogochukwu Abuah 

The BIN Convention was my first out-of-Lagos ride. It was both tasking physically and mentally. There was a tiny part of me that was not sure if I could make it - I get tired easily. I hadn't been exercising and doubted my ability to endure. I knew the adrenaline in me would keep me going -  but how far, I was not entirely sure. Friends who knew about the ride had pleaded with me not to go through with it as they were not sure I had the stamina and were genuinely concerned. They really could not get the need to ride all the way when  there was no award or money concerned. Haha! Some even told me not to be ashamed to truck my bike if I got tired. Biodun warned me over and over again that "no one will go back to Asaba or Benin to get my bike o", yimu!!!. One thing was certain, I was not going as a pillion or in a mugu way, no way! Messages were sent in from people who had plied the Lagos-Asaba road recently and I made sure to digest it all.

Three nights to the ride, I could not sleep and it only got worse. What was happening to me? I needed my sleep and I could not get it. On Wednesday, I made sure I did not stress myself as I was setting out on Thursday. Made sure my bike was good to go, stayed away from my phone as much as possible, tried to sleep during the day (such pretense), and forced myself to eat. I needed to be in the best form. The moment came and we were ready to roll. I rode with one person (Biodun) so as not to slow the GFMC crew down, also, group riding is not something I am quite used to just yet. The smaller the number the better. Bearing in mind that road users on the highway are on a different level, we set out at 6:10am. I had my frozen drinks in my bag and I was good to go. It was at that moment I remembered and sang all the gospel songs I knew in my head.

The ride to Ijebu-Ode via Epe road seemed unending and I was getting tired because I was in pain. My helmet never felt so tight and my head was on fire. Like that wasn't enough, for some reason, I realized how loud my bike was, damn! My ears couldn't take it and in my head I kept saying "who sent me"? Getting to Ijebu-Ode was such a relief. We met some bikers at the petrol station and I wondered how they got there so fast. (mumu wondering). I had a sip of my "heavenly" drink and I felt refreshed. No pain from  my helmet and my ears were fine, whew. There was traffic from Ijebu-Ode to Ore at intervals and in some twisted way, I liked it - no cars competing with me on that bad road, whoop! However, I have to give it to the truck drivers, they were exceptionally nice. They gave me room to maneuver, what joy! These people are not so mean after all... There was this Hearse transporting a casket that decided to chase us and I was a bit concerned.Someone joked that the driver had sold the cadaver that was meant to be in it, thus, needed a replacement. Thank God it wasn't any of us.

Next stop was Ore. We filled up our tanks, hydrated and moved on. It was smooth sailing from there. I opened up and made sure not to get carried away. By that time my palm had started to ache, blisters had formed, sigh. Got to Benin and stopped just before the bypass where some ERMC guys were chilling ( same ERMC guys had sped past us and I asked myself when I'd reach that level of expertise). Not knowing how to connect Agbor road via the bypass, Biodun and I contemplated waiting for the GFMC crew or roll with the ERMC guys. Luckily for us, Reginald Nwosu (Reggie) decided to ride with us as he knew the way. I was glad we didn't have to wait cause I didn't want fatigue setting in.

Last stop was on the outskirts of Asaba. David Brown bought biscuit for us to share and the guys pretty much cheered  me on. Finally we got to Asaba. Got to the hotel thanks to Dr Prescott where we met the early birds. After which it was meet and greet all the way.

The following day (Friday) was the ride to Abraka. Biodun had advised me against riding as I needed all the energy for the ride back. Thank God I did not as the rain that day was something else.

Biodun & Ogo (Picture by Jay)

On the return ride to Lagos, I was much more confident and aware of my immediate surroundings so the ride was  not as demanding as the first leg of the trip. I rode with Chris, Biodun and Reggie(from the Benin By Pass). Jay met us on the Epe exit from the Ijebu Ode express and covered my rear all through to Ajah. I know how difficult it must be to ride slower than your average speed and for this I am eternally grateful to these guys. I experienced first hand the love bikers talk about all the time. This is to many more rides.

A big shout out to all the bikers that taught me, rode with me,supported me. Special mention to Chris, Reggie, Jay.

By: Ogochukwu Abuah 

Monday, October 12, 2015




Details on the RR...Unity in Brotherhood!!!
We are glad to share this video from the Organizing Committee Team Chairman,Ogbonnaya "FD" Kanu and trust that it will give some insight into what we have planned.Enjoy the short video and we look forward to seeing you on The RR and at The Gathering!!!Details on the Gathering coming soon!
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To Be a part of the RR tour CLICK HERE

Its a way SCAN plans to increase the fun for interested bikers and non-bikers, through a group riding tour from November 16th - 20th and the Lagos GATHERING; November 21st and departure 22nd

The tour (Road Roar).

This is a tour open to all bikers and non-bikers interested in the Gathering.

Instead of travelling alone or in club group. We want to give every biker a chance to ride with other bikers in a bond tour, starting from the north down to Lagos. We have many bikers who have said they will come up north as far beyond Abuja and ride all through the beautiful cascade of the landscape of NIGERIA to Lagos while others will join up in a designated routes that we will publish close to the opening of the tour.

Please use this information to enlighten all motorcycle enthusiast, bikers, SCAN members and interested Indiees.

Thank you all

By: Smokes

Hey calm down The Gathering is close

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! To Ride Easy Motorcycle club, Lagos Nigeria

Imagine a situation where you start looking for a word to describe the type of fun you get from an event. It was a four (4) hour event but looked like 30min because we wanted it to last forever, such a wonderful moment with the Ride Easy Motorcycle club guys and definitely Girls (sexy; I saw).

A pool with lot of bikini owners hovering around with bikers looking lost, testing their focusing skills, lots of Orijin, Star, and Hennessey waiting for the mugu bikers to consume while we who rode concentrated on the menu which included roasted fish, chicken and some ram-looking meat (not a chicken or meat eater so I passed) chips by the side.  

Aikay and the boys dove into the female infested pool giving in to the temptation from the sexy bikini owners who danced away to the sound of the loud music. Short clip below can give you a feel:

With the right crowd the fun was to the fullest and again we talked about our ride from Asaba (convention) being that we had not seen since the ride. Hoping for what to expect from the Lagos gathering (SCAN). We are bikers and we always look forward to ways of having fun (life’s too short)

REMC is still young and growing in their two years of existence and from the Bikers Movement’s point of view it looks very strongly healthy. More grace to the forces behind the organization.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! To Ride Easy Motorcycle club, Lagos Nigeria

Thursday, October 8, 2015

The BIN Convention (ASABA) Day 3

Waking up from Day 2 was hard; still trying to understand the cold, the strange rain and the fact that my guys planned to ride to Nnewi (Anambra state) to work on their rims. Hey!! Day 3 is the main day of the convention. Slow riding challenge, sales of motorcycle accessories and apparels, lunch/dinner, AGM and election. Bikers In Nigeria (BIN) just making a new start did not really have time to prepare for this event I guess. But we all had fun to the fullest.

First it kicked off with the slow ride challenge between representatives from all interested motorcycle clubs and organizations.  Now I will not go into details to bore you with the failures and disqualification but to the main competitors; Nam Gigi, Osa, Jay and Argo Raak.

It’s a Test of Balance and Control

Never seen Argo do the slow ride but definitely scared of Nam and The king. It was my 1st time attempting the challenge. See pictures and results below then you can make your conclusions

Jay- Representing bikersmovement and 514 Ryders finished in   1min 20 sec
Nam Gigi- Representing Hard Ryders MC finished in                           1min 15 sec
Osa- Representing Hard Ryders MC finished in                                     1min 12 sec
Argo Raak –Representing A41 MC finished in                                      1min

The longest time wins the challenge and a winner was presented, still awaiting the trophy

Then the girls stepped in for the motorcycle wash (wet bath sounds better) and totally got all bikers engaged with 100% Focus and concentration with their sexy looking moves and dance steps. Then K switch comes in to do what he does best (sing), stealing the female bikes heart (police standing by).

It was surely a wow event.

Now guys getting hungry, its lunch time. Well fed bikers listened to the BIN executives introduce The Bikers In Nigeria housed by AOS (please don’t ask me what it means). The hall was excused by non members for the Election which was peacefully held, presided by Bros B. See below for inaugural and new executives

Inaugural Executives
Inyang - President
Attaka- Vic President
D’Invicible 1- Financial Secretary
Dr Prescott- Treasurer
Queen – PRO
T –Black- Welfare Officer

1st Elected Executives of BIN
Harold – President
D’Invicible 1- Secretary General
Joan-Financial Secretary
T-Black- Publicity Secretary
Uduak- Provost

Note: The above positions were based on club nomination

Day 4 was a dry and lovely ride back to our homes for the lagos Bikers. The Abuja bikers have a different story to tell (Just Pics)


Still at our disposal to sell us some motorcycle parts, apparels, and accessories.... 
Argotio's Bike Showroom, Metallic Horses and Bikerwearhouse

We Ride again for the BT and The Gathering (By SCAN)

Thanks to Diseye Tantua for the wonderful pictures