Monday, August 17, 2015

Bikers Denn motorcycle club (Lagos)

Bikers Denn motorcycle club Is a MC situated in Lagos Nigeria, was founded in 2012 n registered with the corporate affairs commission in 2014,a club solely created for the purpose of riding, networking with teams around the world, impacting lives positively through events. Like community service, charity, seminars to promote love n coexistence amongst road users. 

The clubs growth has been largely attributed to team work n a active number of enthusiastic young men and women, popularly termed as lions in the denn, bikers denn has participated in and Co driven charity events as we have soft spots for the needy, thereby boosting the motorcycling image out there n fostering bond amongst bikers, to further contribute to safe riding and best riding practices bikers denn has a team riding school comprising of basic motorcycle skill acquisition and advanced rider training for enhancing the skills of already street savvy bikers. 

Some Biker’s Denn riders training activities includes

Basic motorcycle training includes: 

Motorcycle introduction and rider orientation  

Benefits of riding  

Beginner riders course  

Rules of the road  

Riding etiquette  

Understanding the Nigerian Highway Code  


Advanced riders training includes:  

Obstacle management  

Defensive riding  

Rider stance and signals  

Pack riding Formations and applications  

Road discipline  

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR): First aid. 

As our slogan "one team one voice" implies We Hope to someday become an  enterprise contributing its quota to the biking community and the world our motto says "life's a journey, Let's ride" so come ride with us, train with us, We Hope you learn from you Too. 

By Bikers Denn (Lagos)
+234 80 2981 6531 

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