Sunday, July 19, 2015

Hunta's Third Main Land Bridge (3mb) Experience (Lagos, Nigeria)

ON RF1 whatsapp forum (By Cow Boy)

DICTA: Wow!!
Finally home! Some real love and affection I got this evening!!
Right in the middle of 3mb!!

The Hunta stalls smack in the middle of 3mb and refuses to start
After posing for the cagers..... so dem begin pass me one by one with smirks and untooooo kinda looks

5mins later she still won't start! Dretch!!

Na so I cross over to the median and sat on the median watching traffic flow by
Sitting casually like I was waiting for bae.......
True to type, a call comes in and guess who it is!!
It's yup!!

She asks where am I?  That she got a call from someone saying they thought the saw me on 3mb but the person was sitting too comfortable on the median to be me.
Told her it was me o. And gave her the status.

Wait continues....25 min later I go to try and restart but still Hunta was not interested. Guess Hunta just wanted to chill on 3mb and watch the fishes

Time is passing.....the boiz..are lurking....I hide the Sony Xperia inside my blokos..... And hold the disposable bb curve (in fare of being robbed)

I decide to start pushing the 4am I go reach Anthony. So I take it really cool and start pushing

Barely had I taken 5 steps, a "biker" rides by, looks at me and continues.....oh well, who send me message?

10 more slow comfy steps forward and another biker passes, moves forward and parks...
Bike plate is PABLO. A suzuki something.... Asks what the problem, I bring him upto speed and he says "what are we going to do about it now"? We try restarting but hell no! The bike ain't cooperating...

a female colleague spots me and parks....I plead with her that I'll be alright. Make we no cause hold up. But inside me.......

Anyways, 2mins roll by and a 4runner stops and parks.. Hey what's the issue?
Happens to be a biker too, Segun by name. Puts on his hazard, greets Pablo and says how we go sort this issue?

Time has passed now so me thinks the starter Would have cooled down and respond so we try starting again ........ for where? The boxer engine just dey turn reluctantly
Segun goes into full drive.... Says we have to move this bike O! And starts to look for a truck or big ride to load the bike.

Then he says let's push it!  On 3mb with bumper to bumper traffic.... Now that's passion, concern and brotherliness if ever I've seen them

BikeGP: @DICTA - Please, continue

Told him it ain't possible and I didn't want to stress them....The GS I believe needs to be in g4 or above to push start

Whyte: Dicta how about a blanket and mosquito coils? so you sleep on the road...

DICTA: This only deterred him for a bit. As Pablo dey find truck for fast lane, Segun dey brain storm on I dey  prepare for the inevitable push.... To iyana oworo at least. Even okadas sef dey do Shakara and dem dey take speed pass us...

In da middle of dis, Debbs begin call....
Na so Segun comes back and says "guy, let's push this bike" e carry winch for head?

Whyte: Happy pushing

DICTA: Na so pushing on 3mb start.. We nearly achieved MotorGP lap time speed, on g4..but still Hunta pistons nor green fire. So as not to stress my GAs..... Told the past start won't work, make I dey push the bike go jejely

*push start
Tried one last time.......
Hunta bellows from the deep!

Segun leaps into the air saying "I told you this bike would start"!!!!


Pleaded with him and Pablo say I nor wan chance am make I run before the H change mind...they said ok and I zoomed off! Thinking from oworo to Anthony would be free but for where.....hold up wear g-string from charlie boy bus stop

Had to go off road, blowing siren with my mouth and shouting at stray pedestrians as I couldn't rev.... Bike was misfiring.

IB: First Biker that slowed down and then zoomed off says many times he has tried to greet you as fellow biker on 3mb and you ignore him. Also outside biking circles, with clear eye you also shun him. so he wasn't sure you would not decline his assistance.

DICTA: Got home to the warm welcome of my family, parked Hunta and barely 10minutes in, Segun calls!!!!!!!!!!!!

Full name Segun Bayode. Rides a Honda CB1000r tagged 3XL gold in colour
My very big thanks to Segun and Pablo!!
Yeah Bammy, home safe and filing in this report.
Please I would be most grateful if anyone has Pablo' s contact. I would love to thank him.
The motorcyclists life must always be fun ........cos...the ride must always go on.

IB: @Dicta there are many lessons in the event you can reflect on and learn. Or ignore. While it's a very big world it's also very small.


Like IB said "there are many lessons in the event you can reflect on and learn"
Like Dicta said "Now that's passion, concern and brotherliness"

The article Biker's Code will help you understand what we should stand for

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