Monday, June 15, 2015

My BMW R1200GS Final drive Fix

Finally I decided to fix my long aided Final drive main bearing failure

 I had gone online to watch the process done by some other guy six (6) months ago then I knew I would need to construct some special tool to pull out the bearing From the housing but lack the resources to achieve that stage so I was reluctant to even begin.

Done with a minor surgery, which means I would be out of work for four (4) days and a good friend of Mine (Bami) who owns a very well equipped workshop just got back from Italy, I knew it was the perfect time to fix the problem with the final drive of my 2013 BMW GSA (oil/air cool).

First I had to detach the final drive from the motorcycle then take it to Bami’s home (workshop) who partied the previous night … OK now will Bami have a hangover or he might not have had so much to drink to cause him a hangover?? All these thought running through my mind (Jay needing assistance). Ooh  Bami  looks good (we thank God) “Bami what’s up” THEN WE STARTED.

It was a battle because I had given out my BMW Motorrad service manual to St Barth (God alone knows what he needed it for) so we had to work without my software which means both Bami and Jay are working blind, but wait these guys can fix anything; so we started digging it out and very careful not to damage or compound the problem.

Finally we dismembered the final drive, to rebuild it when we can find the main bearing to purchase locally (we pray so)

Will update you guys on how we rebuilt it (FD)


  1. Really cool stuff.. Like to witness building a Bike firsthand too

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