Thursday, May 7, 2015

The West African Bikers‬ Converge

In December 2014, easy riders of Lagos and hard Ridaz of port Harcourt rode to Ghana for the hotwheels Ghana 1 year anniversary which also had in attendance the SMC of Benin and the AMT MC of Togo. . That's was the inspiration of Whyte Emmanuel to create a platform for the west African Bikers.

Whyte a Nigerian in search "pastures" of the Ghana event industry and a biker with the Hotwheels Ghana Restlessly couldn't hold back his dream, it was shared with elders friends and bikers who discouraged until he met his positive radical pair Queen who is currently the PRO of ANMC and a fluent French interpreter fused in and the powers ignited to lead a team from different west African countries to effectively bring the plan to live.

Because of the dominating strength of the Anglophone country bikers, the teams choose a francophone country to host it and Togo was the best bet until authorities got hard to release support on security to the team. 3 weeks to the event was a change of venue and host country and it was a huge success.

By:  Whyte

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