Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Is it wrong to listen to music while riding a motorcycle?

When Riding a motorcycle you need all the concentration and focus you can get but you don't have to be too serious then you make mistakes. Riding for  long hours from traffic to motorway to high way can be lonely and boring, so what keeps you awake to maintain that high level focus and agility?  "Music" but would you listen to music through earphones to alleviate the boredom?  many claim that music removes you from your surroundings and increased danger tenfold. True or False?

Listening to music can successfully improve your moods and boost overall happiness level which you need. Music has been used as Therapy; this music research aligns with the larger arena of music therapy, defined by the American Music Therapy Association as "the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals."

Music therapy has been used for centuries as a way to restore energy, improve mood, and even help the body heal more naturally and a condition of sensory alertness, mobility and readiness to respond.

Dr. Frank Lipman, founder and director of Eleven-Eleven Wellness Center in New York City and a pioneer in integrative and functional medicine, recommends musical as a way to calm your body and brain with soothing rhythms and to slow down your heart rate and help you breathe easier.


-How much hearing do you do in your helmet when the factors you consider when purchasing a helmet is a less noisy helmet with good air flow. Some bikes are fitted with sound system for music why? when you hearing is less than 30% in your helmet and you have music coming out of your Honda Gold-wing. 

-Why do you ride with your earplugs on when you can enhance your riding with music (not loud)?

-have you ever asked the people doing road walk why they listing to music?

-why do motorcycle GPS have music player application?

- In a cager, your windows and up and you have music playing (not loud) what external sound do you hear? Is it illegal?

Bikers View:

Homms (Funbiker/C.C.M.C):   I don't have any distraction listening to music while riding "thumbs up".

Kayode (ERMC): listening to music while riding depends on the individual but I do listen to music, it helps me focus better and active.

Mark (514): You need to listen to every sound when riding.... I don't subscribe to music on the go... If it’s a gold-wind (Honda) then no problem I can play all day.

Anonymous : Everyone likes a different thing, if some prefer silence to rhythm  then that's their call. However we always tell our students that the best practice is to protect your hearing from the noise that comes with riding over 80km/h. I won’t say it is "wrong", there is no law against it.

Bosun (wheelers Mc):  I don't listen to music when riding, I find it distracting. But it’s not wrong

Blow (ERMC): I ride while listening to music; it puts me in a happy mode after a bad day at work. Your eyes should do all the work not your ears because when you have your helmets on you hardly hear much but you should not make the music too loud it can affect your ears. Music is good for riding.

Attaka (ERMC): I commute every day and I cannot imagine putting on my helmet without my earphones on first. I wonder what you guys are listening to when riding. if cars are honing for you when you are on the road, please sell your bike. You are not a biker but an obstruction and one day a wedge. The music is for you to focus, not to cramming lyrics. I can’t tell you the song I listening to when I arrive but I know there is a rhythm at the background. Sometimes I ride with foam plugs or turn the music off and use the earphone as noise blocker. Wind noise damages the hearing permanently so if you keep riding without ear plugs, you may soon known as a deaf biker

Seun (BMW S1000): Bless you Attaka couldn't have said it better. It’s like saying driving with music is wrong. its entirely subjective and dependent on the concentration level of the individual. I ride with music, found that it improves my concentration and enjoyment of the ride.

Inyang (01 HRMC): It’s like everybody is different in reacting to alcohol. but the difference is how much it affect you. Everyone is affected so playing music is down to individual preference just be aware of what it does to you and your riding but its not wrong to listen to music while riding. I do it sometime but more of earplugs. Examples; when we were riding through Guinea, all of us were listening to music to kill the long hours (funny thing). By day 2 on the mud and sand with people falling every hour every one of us turned off the music.

Well people say it depends on the individual but it is not wrong to listening to music while riding. Music on a long run is good as you have some thing other than road noise to listen to.

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  1. interesting topic. someone once asked me what motivates me and keeps me happy and always in a cheerful mood. i never batted an eyelid before the answer gushed from my lips "MUSIC" having earplugs in my ears while riding has become sort of a habit. i always feel something is missing when i dont ride with music. MUSIC is the food for my SOUL>>> i will ride on