Tuesday, April 21, 2015


The Motorcycle Sports Club of Nigeria (MSCN) is a club made up of motorcycle sports enthusiasts from all over Nigeria committed to the vision of developing a Motorcycle Sports Culture in the country. We believe that Motorcycle Sports can be a medium to positively engage the youths, generate empowerment and employment opportunities, boost international tourism with its attendant gains in developing infrastructure and improving the socio-economic life of the host community, Edo state and our country Nigeria.

We started our vision of Motorcycle Sports in Nigeria in 2012 with the promotion of Motocross Races at our motocross race circuit located in Evboubanosa Village, KM 32, Benin Asaba Expressway, Edo State, Nigeria and have since enjoyed the tremendous support of the people and Government of Edo State.

That support has translated to the successful hosting of the 1st Ever Edo Superbike Road Race in Nigeria on the 29th of November, 2014 in Urhonigbe, Orhiomwon Local Government Area of Edo State.

The Edo Superbike Road Race is our major annual event planned to and is held on the last weekend of November.


What is The Edo Superbike Road Race, “The Bikers Trophy”? The Edo Superbike Road Race, “The Bikers Trophy” is modeled after the Isle of Man TT races that have been held on the Isle of Man, UK since 1904.

The race route for the Edo Superbike Race is 32kilometres long and traverses 8 communities of Urhonigbe, Urohmehe, Umughun, Ogba, Evbonogbon, Ugo, Ekpokor and Ugbokirima in Orhiomwon Local Government Area of Edo State.

Planned to be an annual event, the race is planned to hold on the last weekend of November yearly. The race takes place in a time trial format on a newly constructed stretch of asphalt road. The fastest rider to cover the distance on a 1000cc bike is crowned Champion of the Edo Superbike Road Race and “The BT” Champion.

The BT 2015 event is scheduled to hold on the 27th/28th of November, 2015. 

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