Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Easter Ride

Its Easter, a time to search one's heart and ask "Why do We Ride". Do we ride because we have watched too many movies which have motorcycle stunts? Do we ride just to beat traffic? Do we ride because we have the money to waste? Do we ride just to talk about the pride we feel? Do we ride because we want to make people feel jealous by putting up an impression? Have I got you thinking?

We bikers like to talk more and do less, but as a biker you have a responsibility; you accept it or you park your bike!

In Nigeria, the Riding group called 514 linked up with Seyi of the Ride Easy Motorcycle group to visit the less privileged and got a good turnout of at least two representatives from the wheeler's motorcycle club, easy rider's motorcycle club and biker's den riding group.

The event: We planned to ride and take a few items with us to present to the kids. And being the first time at this home we had know specific amount of items to carry with us, but we were touched by the story and the drive behind the proprietor of the Orphanage home which keeps him going.

The Children: Little and totally innocent, ignorant of the life they have found them selves but the smiles on their faces bring hope to your mind that all will be well. How do we make them have a normal life is what we can always try to initiate and make sure it is put in place for the good of humanity.

Achievements: Riding as a group gives you a sense of belonging and also the opportunity to create a positive impact in the lives of children- by putting smiles on their faces. This makes it all the more fulfilling.

We are not allowed to post pictures of the children but you can visit them to show some love.


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  4. It was day filled with mixed feelings for me. A jolt back to Earth, and a renewed sense of responsibility. God enriches us so we can pay it forward.


  5. Good to know people still give back in your part of the world... I guess it's time to start changing people's perception about Nigeria

  6. Nice 1 guys.....God bless y'all.

  7. Yipee, It's Good to know We still have people with good heads on their shoulders. God bless you guys double

  8. Well done bros. More grease to ur elbows. Bikers are the BEST set of human beings. I'm proud to be a Motorcycle Rider (aka Bika in Nigeria.

    HOMMS... {C.C.M.C. - Abuja}.

  9. Really Nice of u Bikers..
    . GOD continue to replenish your pocket and bless your homes as you have bless this one's in JESUS NAME ....AMEN