Thursday, April 16, 2015

KelzMama Hosted The Girls "Riding with a purpose"

I must say 2nd-6th April 2015 was an unforgettable weekend for the female bikers in Nigeria and Ghana. It went from a normal visit to one female biker who lives in Port Harcourt to an elaborate celebration. Ladies rode in from Lagos and Calabar, others came by air just to meet each other, make friends and do some charity asides having fun.

Female bikers who made the event;

Speed Diva-             Lagos
Akua Gadaafi-        Ghana
Queen-                    Abuja
Jay-O -                    Lagos
MizK -                     Lagos
BlackSniper -          Lagos
Flygirl -                   Calabar
Ogo-                        Lagos
X-Candy -               PH/ Calabar
Wizie-                      Lagos
LOLZz-                   Lagos
KelzMama-             PH

On Thursday 2nd of April was the arrival date. Ladies that rode from Lagos where escorted from Ahoada (PH) by some PH bikers, those who came by air where picked up at d airport. Flygirl rode in from Calabar with St. Barth and got escorted from Eleme junction (PH). We stayed at D Matel hotel on stadium road. Hung out with members of HRMC at Labake (Hotel & bar on Rumola link road) . We had food and drinks and got to know each other.

On Fri 3rd of April, we had an on air interview on rhythm 93.7 where we discussed what we were in town for, it was a nice one. From rhythm 93.7 at old GRA (PH), we had lunch at the Bole & fish spot in Elekahia estate (PH) and  cooled off after lunch. Later that evening we went to karaoke bar at De office karaoke bar in GRA (PH), we lightened the whole place and proceeded to Beer Barn (a bar) we had a good time, the ladies danced like they were promised a ducati, they stole the show. Lastly for the day, we moved over to Platinum night club where they gave us mad shout-out on the screens, after partying we went back to rest the body.

On Sat 4th of April was the main day. We visited two (2) homes.

1) Home for the elderly on Harbour road by 10.30am we spent time singing praying and getting some words of wisdom from these wise ones.

2) Good shepherd foundation, a home for destitute children at 5 Wellington close off farm road, Mgbuoba PH spent time with the innocent children prayed and gave words of encouragement.

Next was buffet & swimming at Charley's gym on stadium road till about 8pm. By 10pm  Hardridaz were already at the hotel to ride with us to the venue for the Red carpet & boogie at COSMO LOUNGE in GRA. You needed to be there, port harcourt stood still. After pictures we moved into the VVIP section of the club , we cut the "welcome 2 PH ANGELS" cake. We left by 3am to get some sleep against the ride to Eket the next day. Although the strong ones still went out to Blinks and partied till 5am.

On Sun 5th April at abt 12pm was the ride to Eket for lunch. Members of HRMC where part of the ride and they came out in large numbers, 28 bikes, a car with those who didn't ride, 2 camera men that have been covering the program from the day of the ladies arrival. It was a sweet ride although it rained at some point, no bad news at all. We went & came back in one piece. We had dinner at hotel presidential where we spent the 4th & last night of the ladies stay in PH and certificates were given to ladies who took part in the charity ride.

 On Mon 6th April was departure day for everyone. Ladies left for the airport by 6.30am to catch up there 8.45am flight.

I want to thank everyone who supported in one way or two ; M.Saleh Generators & Equipments, RJS, WECO Engineering, Mazima Limited, Rythm 93.7, Kelly's Hub, DidiSports Live.
Thanks to members of HRMC, you guys are wonderful. I was quite impressed at the sight of the turn out, May God bless you all.

Biking is Love. And I believe  you show love not just preach it.

Thank God  for journey mercies for these unique beings. 1 Love .

By: Kelly Jumbo

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