Thursday, April 30, 2015

Jane: Uncommon fun with the girls

Jane had fun even when she did not see it coming. Oma (iamoma) said something about a surprise party but with bikers you are sure of fun but its unpredictable. Later that night I started seeing some pictures coming out of Riders Forum sent in by KelzMama so I had to ask JANE; HOW DID YOUR DAY GO:

Jane: It went well. people showed up, from just a little get together to a full "bikers fair" . I got gifts, I felt so more special. My pictures on friends DP, text messages, calls.... I think I trended yesterday on social media. Biker's Movement blogged, Linda Ikeji blogged, iamoma tweeted and others wished me a happy birthday.....sigh, KelzMama got a thank you gift from female bikers for hosting in PH , it was really fun. I wish birthday love was everyday.

Oooh sorry   Thanks to the female riders, Angels MC, bloggers, friends and family, well wishers and most of all YOU (Biker's Movement). Special thanks to Emmanuel Oyeleke for the beautiful controversial picture.

Picture from the party:

Speed Diva, Joan, Kene, Queen, Kelzmama, Ogo, Jane, Awero, Lolu