Wednesday, April 8, 2015

BLOW said he will do it again SOON!

Life becomes boring when what you call fun is limited but as bikers we have fun to the extreme.

Summary of my trip with mates to Obudu Mountain Resort.

Distance covered;

Clubhouse to Ore NNPC station - 223 km

Ore to Benin                             - 323 km

Benin to Ughelli                         - 501 km

Ughelli to Calabar town              - 958 km

Calabar to Obudu                      - 1398 km

Obudu to PH ride safe                - 2057 km

PH ride safe to Lagos Ikeja         - 2753 km

Day 1:

5.30am still dark at the club house....Blow arrives and finds Uncle B ready to go. 5.40am Aara noisily creeps in!

Planned departure was 5.45am but we left 5.48am as Aara purchased brand new gloves and forgot he had to do break in. B9 had communicated late we rode out.

15 minutes of easy riding, still quite dark....the smell of diesel eases through my balaclava. Pitch dark could not identify where the spill was. Tire loosing grip slowly, dropped speed and pulled over to the extreme right....others aligned. Proceeded with caution!

Night seemed longer than day, 6.45am...ray of sunlight, hands itching to roll the throttle. 6.48am...finally!!!!

Between 97km and 103km out of Lagos, we experienced 6 checkpoints. As courtesy a hand wave and ride along. A lil worried though....aggressive ragging to recoup from the xmas and new year holiday? As usual the Ijebu - Ore leg was bumpy and potholed ridden. 20km to Ore.....blissssssssss.

NNPC Ore refueled and took off immediately. Ride was less eventful as always....Benin - Ughelli.

30kms outward Ughelli, missing lights for the 3rd man....Aara! Routed back and he was throttling down with a torn rear tyre. Quick situation analyses and decided to tow bike to PH. B9 enroute joins him to Calabar while Engr b and Blow go ahead. Truck in bike with owner.....B9 blows past. Oops, earlier than expected. Plans need to be modified to accommodate. We catch up with B9 and decide to wait for Aara at Eleme junction PH.

Ughelli to Patani was excellent. Patani to Bayelsa rough but rideable all through to PH.

Traffic passing through PH. Stored up energy was expended. Decided to break the group in 2. B9 waits for Aara to fix his tyre and Engr B and Blow continue the journey. Eleme to Uyo was a luvly ride passing through Ikot Abasi. Uyo to Calabar ok till we got to Odukpani junction... the arduous ride begins. Got to the hotel off Marian road few minutes before 7pm....phew!!!!! B9 and Aara minutes behind got in before 8pm.

We all know what happens Vegas stays in Vegas....but will be generous to share just a lil!!!!

Went out to a karaoke bar (thanks to Victor who hosted) and went clubbing. Yes we have energy after such a looong ride. The rest is left to your imagination as to what happened in and out of the bar!

Day 2:

Buzz time was 9am to Obudu. Is that doable? After riding hard, drinking and partying harder....... and and and.....ok lets saddle at 10.30am.

Road to Obudu was pretty bad especially the Calabar to Ikom stretch. 25mins into the journey my bike dash went off. Quickly swapped battery with Aara hoping my charging system was not working optimally and needed a new battery. Will get one down the road. Essence was to save travel time.

15mins short ride....dash goes off again. ok red flag wahala dey! Moved quickly to the closest okada park I noticed before dash went dead. Parked bike, removed handy tools stripped fairings to diagnose issue. Wires coming from the stator coil all the way to rectifier was burnt. Physical assessment shows rectifier and stator coil ok. Got some okada wires and rewired the bike. Pushed bike to start and we are good to go. Stopped at Ikom to rehydrate and grab a bit....yes remember that soft bread? I did not get to taste as I had rice as na me first reach the joint. Did i forget to mention how unbelievably hot it was?

Ikom to Obudu...last lap. Potholed ridden but waaaay better than Calabar Ikom route that had potholes, sandy road, bumps, undulating...all manner of riders displeasure.

60km to Obudu....50km to Obudu...ewooooooo...see road. Aara took the lead and expressed himself!

Finally the milestone. Obudu Mountain Resort. Well done gentlemen!!!
Up the hill we ride. Aara please change your gear from 1 to will not go off the cliff, lol!!!!

Lodged in our rooms and what do i see at the corner....ROOM HEATER. hmm.

We all planned to meet at the restaurant for dinner in 30mins. The walk to the restaurant was very very chilly. Nice weather up there.

After dinner we had a vodka party. Plenty fun till lights out at 11pm ish. Yes they don't have electricity so they run generator. We all retire at midnight.

Day 3:

We do breakfast and plan our day. B9 wants to go back down the hill.....we all wanted something else. So we do the canopy walk together and the cable car down the hill to the water parks while B9 rides down after the walk to to to.....bros you never told us where you went to o.

Nice pool...we had the best of fun. Back up the mountain for the facility tour.

Tour was very educating. Dinner time.....burn fire night, cold chilly night.....plenty to drink, more fun we had a blast.

Day 4:

Departure to PH approximate 660km to cover. 8am departure time. Technical team left as scheduled, this boi B9 dey waste our time again. We left him!!! B9, please oblige us with another excuse?

Obudu to Ikom was ok, Ikom to Odukpani junction was a challenging ride. Aara bent his rim and hand a flat. Tire was pumped and he luckily had stabled pressure all through. I on the other hand was going about 120km noticed a patch 20metres away reduced speed got to 100km next thing right in front of me was a dip of about 1feet or thereabout in height. The queer and annoying part was the road was still black and had its coal-tar that's why I did not notice earlier. The length of the deep was about the same length of my bike. In I go as expected the bike threw me off...left leg high, left hand off the handle bar waving to my ghost fans, right leg also off the pegs, just my right hand barely holding the throttle, came down and it threw me off a second time. Landed on my seat with my slamming...yes....OUCH!!! I was humbled thereafter (only for a few clicks #big smiles).

Refueled at Odukpani junction in Calabar and off to PH. Ride was great.

All man safe in PH. Solo activities closes the night.

Day 5:

Very late departure. 11.30am we ride.

Great ride all through to Lagos. The return journey always better and faster, clocked in 6.30pm

This closes the gist for Across the States, there should be Across the states 2 soon...

By Blow (ERMC)

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