Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Joy of riding a motorcycle (Hot Wheels MC & Bikers GH)

Hot Wheels MC & Bikers GH 

What makes a king? "His crown". With the crown you are bold to take brave decisions, you rule your freedom.

The crash helmet is our crown, built by it is rage, courage, hate, love, peace, freedom, pride etc it just don't stop.

We ride in the cold, rain, scorching heat, loose gravel, potholes, annoying traffic. we always have a reason not to ride but do we have a reason not to ride?.

The cold is always there to keep us fresh - Heats makes us faster - The gravels keeps your concentration level high - Potholes "smile" oops I did not see that - What cagers call traffic we call pylons - Pavement shows it's love by tears of joy initiated by the blessed sky -Yes the cagers get scared and joyous and happy to see us.

The crown (Helmet) is a badge of kingship and honor (we rule)

Hot Wheels MC and Bikers GH of Ghana just knows how to amplify the word BROTHERHOOD by twisting their grips together sharing their experience.

Perception you may call it but see the faces below:



  1. We wear our crown with pride and passion !!!! Ride on Charlie !

  2. I am proud of the recently found need of the biking community in Ghana to take safety seriously. Ride on Charlie....

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