Monday, March 2, 2015

Out of Nigeria Motorcycle Adventure

This is new from Nigeria, first of its kind similar to earlier adventures on a motorcycle but strange to think that Nigerians will actually dig the thought from their hearts. It has been done before but this is new, longer and scarier.

 "31,000 km, 60 days, 18 countries,4 continents, 3 guys (Raph,Toyin and Fodeks) 1 mission."  to create a positive story from Nigeria and to inspire other Africans to take on their own challenge.

The Flag off was yesterday and it all begins today, Monday, March 02, 2015  

 Special support:

The glamorous ladies behind the mission, Olayinka and the Eagles Motorcycle Club Nigeria

The Below Pioneers paved the way and made it possible to actually think the above can be achieved.

Inyang effiong (Nigeria-Europe, West African Tours) and Ogbonnaya Kanu (Nigeria-Europe and South Africa-Nigeria)

 With: Raph,Toyin and Fodeks


  1. Now, that's Daringly-Amazing

  2. Are they going through the UK?

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