Friday, March 20, 2015

Motorcycles are not toys-Get proper training

Like a child, the words you remember when riding a motorcycle are the instructors - they stick like glue, "yes" that is what happens when you are crossing over to the state of being in control of your life. You need to be instructed like a child to live safely and successfully in the life changing experience of being a BIKER.

Attending a motorcycle training school is 40%; it will educate you and help you in the cross over process which is finally overcoming the fears of handling a powerful machine and safety. Then the other few percentages are what you learn from personal riding experience. No!!! You can’t do without the 40% process. Nigeria, still upcoming is really doing well in that 40% aspect. We have some committed riding schools in Nigeria attending to that issue very well;

-Motorcycle Wise Training School
-Ride Easy Motorcycle Training School
-Ride Safe Solutions

In Abuja, Nigeria-    Motorcycle Wise Training School:

We find ourselves in an almost lawless highway environment; hence the need for safe riding techniques cannot be over emphasized. Many motorcycle riders in our society are ignorant of the most essential riding techniques and unfortunately learn from bitter experiences. At Motorcycle Wise Training School (MWTS) our mission is to help equip every rider with the essentials for safe motorcycle riding, and as a result help save lives, injuries, and prevent motorcycle damage.

We take pride in providing our students with some of the most skilled veteran motorcycle riders that Nigeria has to offer. With much success we have thus far graduated 9 classes and 30 students to date. At MWTS we provide our students the opportunity to gain one on one instruction while enhancing their confidence in handling motorcycles.

If you’re interested in not only learning how to ride a motorcycle, but gain knowledge on essential safety techniques ENROLL NOW!!! Training sessions begin every fourth week. Training classes are held at the Abuja National Stadium Car Park every Saturday 7:00am to 1:00pm where students are trained on 125cc motorcycles. A full training course covers four Saturdays. Act now and take advantage of our N50, 000 enrollment fee!

If you are in the Northern part of Nigeria and you need a motorcycle training school, Contact Motorcycle Wise Training School at 08033154460 or email at

In Lagos, Nigeria,    Ride Easy Motorcycle Training School:

With successful training for the past 8 years, Riding Easy Limited and her instructors offer the most organized and intensive training regime in the Lagos area. Our in-class and on-bike sessions focus on defensive riding skills. With the use of Wallie-talkies, soon-to-be riders are shown the ropes via accident avoidance techniques, traffic rules and regulations. Proper riding techniques, mentality and principles are taught students all in line with the values and core principles that successful riders employ.

We pride ourselves in being the ONLY place in NIGERIA you can get Super Bike Training from UK TRAINED AND CERTIFIED Instructors. Our instructors are passionate about training and about riding and have done extensive trainings at the California Super-bike School as well as the BMW Off-road Skills Academy and include the only Nigerian who has ridden from Lagos to Europe and Back to Lagos!!!

At the end of their training, students are encouraged to join a Motorcycle Club (enjoying a discount in membership dues from the RIDE EASY MOTORCYCLING CLUB) as group rides for newbies are organized quite often. Care and consideration being given as the new riders hone their skills and increase their confidence on the road.

Our courses run during the weekends in the Ikeja area and offer flexible schedules. If you would like to sign up or need more information, send an email to and we will get back to you. Call or text on 0709 810 4408, 0803 201 1772 or 0807 316 3626 to book your course. Better still; send us an email at

To book a slot, Download and fill out our form. Do not forget to indicate the Start date that you prefer for each level that you are signing up for. Upon filling, scan and send back to us at You can also send us any questions you might have to help you decide on what to do next.

In Port Harcourt, Nigeria.    Ride Safe Solutions:

RideSafe was structured by Osa Cookey and Inyang Effiong who are among the foremost riders in Nigeria with over 50years of riding experience between them. The school was born officially in 2008 out of the love of riding and a heartfelt desire to enhance the safety of all bikers on the Nigerian roads. With most road users in Nigeria not haven had any formal training the need for safety training is essential for all motorcyclists.

RideSafe training school does not just provide motorcycle training but rather provides motorcycle safety training. We pride ourselves as being the most recognized training institution in Nigeria and oldest training school in Nigeria having been established in 2008.

RideSafe instructors are certified to train in the United Kingdom (and have trained in the UK) and simply transfer their training skills and qualifications to Nigeria while adapting the training to suit conditions on the Nigerian roads. Our instructors have a combined training age exceeding 20 years and some have received training even from Keith Cole among others.

The safety training we provide is intense and as robust as any that can be found worldwide and in some areas exceeds any that can be had.

At RideSafe the training is tailored to suit our individual students with most training sessions being tutorial, affording the student the undivided attention of the instructor. Our highly skilled instructors use a verity of approaches to help each student grasp all aspects of the training. All our instructors ride daily and believe that learning is a lifelong process and are constantly updating their training skills.

Why RideSafe? At RideSafe we understand that to provide the best training you require a safe motorcycle and proper education. Most training institutes will remove the indicators and mirrors on the training bikes or even install crash guards to protect their bike, which is not what we do. At RideSafe we ensure that our bikes remain road worthy at all time, and experience has proved that with the step by step progression in training which we provide our students Learn and gain confidence without the need to cut corners.

At RideSafe our students are fully insured by a reputable insurance company which ensures that they can learn without fear. We also provide Motorcycle training everyday of the week including Sundays at times to suit the individual students.

Our patient and friendly instructors have successfully trained people of various ages and ability, ensuring that they receive the best motorcycle training leading to the acquisition of a full motorcycle License and a certificate issued by Ride Safe. To serve as proof we have one of our youngest student, an 11 year old girl capable of riding a 550cc motorcycle in an enclosed environment.

There are several different levels of training provided at RideSafe from simple balance training which is provided on a bicycle to advanced and including stunt training, all being conducted and supervised by an experienced instructor who ensures all safety measures are met at all times.
For Ride Safe Solutions  Contact:

Humphrey Uddoh
+2347088607480, +2348079126355, +447534388554



  1. Really Good Information right there. People really have to get to know this because you meet an average Person on the street and he / she believes Motorbikes to be just toys.. First, I tell them a Motorbike or Superbike or Powerbike is not a Car neither Mobile phone.. It can harm ya and going about it with that thought and believe surely it'll harm ya. Motorbikes ain't no Joke, the slightest mistake, "and Jill came tumbling after"

  2. Good one Jay pls keep up the good work.

    Edward Oseni ccmc abuja.