Friday, March 6, 2015

A Sardauna and also an Active Biker

I was introduced to the Sardauna by a very good friend, Bob Aya (CCMC Abuja) "who said to me, do you believe that the man just riding in is a Sardauna" I was shocked but glad that people like him do see the need to be free and actually ride.

I got to know him a little on a whats-app chat forum RIDERS FORUM (By Cow Boy), mostly West African bikers.

So we got talking privately.

Jay: Good evening Sir. Thanks for your time.

Jay: The biking community and bike enthusiasts would like to know about your person.

Sardauna : My names are Mustapha Aliyu Ibrahim (Sardauna Pindiga) The district head of Kashere,Pindiga emirate of Akko Local Govt Area in Gombe State.

Jay: Wow!!! a name with so much weight and responsibilities. You must really be very busy as a person and a leader to be an active biker.

Sardauna: Yeah, with lots of responsibilities. Presently am a Senior Special Assistance to the Governor of Gombe state on special duties and again a co-coordinator of Forum of District heads of Gombe State.A member of Nigerian Red Cross Society with a title of Fund Raising Adviser Gombe state Charpter,to cap the story I am a member Governing council of the National Ear Care Center Kaduna.

Jay: So many demanding responsibilities I must say. So is it right to say biking is a therapy or a way to create freedom? Why are you a biker

Sardauna: In fact biking is my life,its in my blood, if not mistaken I was born a biker. I was privilege to be close to my dad thereby getting a lot of troys on his private life, from the bicycle to motorcycle different types which I knew some e.g the Vespa Piaggio,Suzuki 120,Yamaha Electric 125,Kawasaki,Honda 90, Honda Benly,Honda 125 and lastly Honda CD 175.So you can see the trend of events of my late father in the 50's and early 60's when I was born.So many stories to tell

Sardauna: Whenever I ride all my problems and issues around me are ease,so glad

Jay: A non biker will find it difficult to understand the freedom and ease state you find your self, trying to communicate with the metallic horse beneath you.

Sardauna: While riding I feel fulfilled, though is a hobby but its fun, honestly I can't explain the kind of joy and satisfaction I derive from biking,just love it.

Jay: I presume you belong to a motorcycle club

Sardauna: Yeah,a member and a founding father of Jewel bikers Motorcycle Club of Gombe. Presently the president of the club.

Jay: I have so many questions but the opportunity must not be abused. It has been a pleasure chatting with you but lastly can you educate your fellow bikers how to create a lasting fellowship.

Jay: Your time which you have given is so much appreciated.

Sardauna: kindly speaking we have to be sincere in our dealings with our core club members or whoever we came across as a member of one big family.Let's there be objectivity irrespective of any affiliations,religion or ethnicity.Be just in your judgement,no blind fellowship. I love to meet and know people from various works of live.

Jay: You will Sir. Viewing this blog will bring you closer to other biking communities.

Jay: Can we see some pictures of you on a motorcycle

I think this is the only one you can get at this particular moment

Jay: Thanks very much

Sardauna: Surprisingly with all the schedules I create time to ride outside my jurisdiction

There must always be time for riding a motorcycle.

Sardauna: You are always welcome Jay, no time is let or limited to communicate with me.


  1. Wow......... dont u just love bikers??? No matter der status dey stil very down 2 earth. Long live lovers of 2 wheels. May God keep us all, amen.

  2. The joy of riding yet defies common words...

  3. The joy of riding yet defies common words...