Monday, March 23, 2015


I was having a discussion with a friend and fellow rider when I asked about his bike and he painfully told me his bike had been damaged by the mechanic that was supposed to carry out a simple oil change. I have heard countless similar experiences from different bikers. My discussion with this rider then lead me to exploring possible solutions to mitigate against mechanics giving us heart attacks every time they ride off on our motorcycles. We have two quick options for simple maintenance activities such as oil change, chain cleaning etc

Option 1: Ensure the mechanic fix on site (either you ride to their shop or you request for home service).

Option 2:  Do It Yourself  (DIY)

I personally prefer the "DIY" option, if we love our bikes as much as we claim we might as well take out time to bond more …lol beside “nobody would care for your bike as much as you do”. This bring us to our Topic for the day “5 BASIC MOTORCYCLE TOOLS”

From experience you don’t have to be a mechanic to change your bike oil or do the basic stuff. Most of the things you need to learn are basic and can be found either in the user manual or on the internet (blog, YouTube).

Tool chest

This tool chest would usually contain screw drivers, spanners, pliers, wrench and socket sets as well as alley keys/Hex bit drivers. This is a must have for every bike owner as you need tool to tighten fairings, loosening bolts and replace worn out parts from time to time. It’s advised you ride with a set in storage in case of emergency.

Tire pressure gauge:

It is also important to have a tire pressure gauge to ensure accurate tyre pressure checks on your front and back tyres every morning before rolling out.

Tire repair kit:

 Riding in Lagos can be hectic mix that with the poor road and that equals hell, having a flat is one of the most common challenges a biker encounters but having a repair kit makes fixing it easy. It’s also important for long distant travels. Don’t leave home without it.


These ensure that you don’t stain your hand when things get really dirty during oil change. The also protect the hand from bruising and injury.

Oil drain Pan:

If you plan to go the "D.I.Y" route particularly for oil change you will need an oil drain pan. You don’t have to buy this you can get a flat bowl or like I have seen at most road side mechanic you can cut the 4 liter keg. This help prevent bike oil from staining your compound and make it look like a road side mechanic workshop especially when you have kids running around.

Here are some of the tools you would need to carry out basic maintenance on your bike and you can get most of them from shop-rite, game, or any auto store near you.

By: Olamide Kayode


  1. Nice post you have written. I wanna buy socket set. Do you have any idea on it?

  2. Repair kit is the most require thing for any biker. I am agree with you dont leave home without repair kit.

  3. Hi, Thank you for share. Every biker should have basic tools coz accident may happen in a second. If you have repair tools set then you have some advantages. Checkout this tools site for more tools.

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