Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What is the importance or the need to be in a motorcycle club or fellowship

I asked few senior friends and fellow bikers one very important question, “What is the importance or the need to be in a motorcycle club or fellowship “

Al'hamid (HRMC) Said:

 Frankly speaking it's a personal choice. I wouldn't say it's important, but there are benefits. The camaraderie of belonging to a group that will take care of you and you'll take care of them.The backing of a "Body" that will speak and if requires fight on your behalf as a biker. Some clubs offer things like insurance schemes at reduced rates as part of their club dues. Having said these, some people prefer to be fully and completely independent. So be it.

Horses for courses.

STK Said:
 There's no need. It's all dependent on your lifestyle and needs. If you prefer breaking out on your own and doing your own thing, then you don't need a club. But if you derive pleasure in being in a group, the fellowship and can accept the rules and possible restrictions on individual desires, then the club is best for you.

IB Udofia (HRMC) Said:
-You get to meet with and ride with a bunch of folks you like.
-It's a social club where folks celebrate each others life activities like Births, deaths, anniversaries.
- You will learn from folks who know better than you and you will teach those you know better than. If you have a problem your club members are more likely to show up for you at ungodly hours than if you weren’t a club member. It's because of the emotional connection you guys have established.
-Group insurance for bikes and health insurance for folks would be easier and cheaper for those who may need it. The group gets to pay less than market price.
-As a group you also join hands to give back to society. And law enforcement institutions for example.

Finally some people just love the group identity. Same jackets and gears, club house to hang out etc. Oh also on group rides you will have people who can help if something goes wrong. You can look at all the above and say I can survive on my own because this group thing is not my gig. That would also be a right attitude if you truly love riding by yourself or a couple of other like minded friends. There are many folks who can't stand the structure that is imposed by groups. They don't need to join any club.

Chuka Offodile (Peace Riders MC) Said:
 I joined a club to get a positive outlook of biking, to be part of a people who may be viewed with a more positive mind by my immediate community, considering that in sincerity some people who ride have attitudes that I can describe in my opinion as appalling, antisocial and sometimes outright criminal! So I preferred to be defined as a group my community knew as quite relatively responsible lots that the community could trace positive attributes to. If we didn't have a club like we have in Jos, the sport would have been banned!

So I joined to have a responsible and respectful cover.

From Websites:

From : lawabidingbiker

I can tell you, joining a motorcycle club is certainly not for everyone. I encourage every biker/motorcyclist to think heavily before getting involved with a club

Here are a few things that a club or organization may offer aside from just “getting together”. 

    A sense of pride
    Chain of command
    Organization of the team/club/group
    Sense of order
    Sense of achievement
    A means to advance your mission or purpose

From :  motorcycleclubshq

Pro’s for Joining a Motorcycle Club

    Brotherhood –The most desirable benefit to joining a club is all about the brotherhood. Just imagine have a set of brother that will be there for you whenever you need them. Most social circles do not have this type of camaraderie but brotherhood and friendship in a motorcycle club is the foundation of what this scene is all about.

    Riding –Obviously when you join a motorcycle club, you have other members at your disposal to ride with pretty much whenever you want. Riding solo is fun but nothing beats having a pack next to you as you ride down the highway.

    Learning –Although you may be a seasoned rider, or maybe you just purchased your first Harley, having a club with members who possess different riding skill levels can be extremely beneficial. Typically most clubs have Road Captains who are skilled riders who make sure your bike is well equipped for the road and provide tips for taking tight turns at high speeds.

Con’s for Joining a Motorcycle Club

     Drama –Agree with it or not, you can’t deny that guy drama surrounds motorcycle clubs. For whatever reason, members can become extremely dramatic in motorcycle clubs. Drama can occur within a specific Chapter, with another Chapter, or with another Club.

    Time –Depending on what type of club you decide on joining, club activities including meetings, rides, and partying can take up a lot of your time. If you are a single man, this might be perfectly fine; however, if you are have a wife and some kids, this can be stressful on family time. It’s good to find a club that allows it’s member to balance it’s time between the club and family time.  

    Stigma – Also depending on what type of club you decide to join, you could be monitored by Law Enforcement. If you are looking to join a “one percenter” club or a one percenter support club, do not be surprised if you are being carefully watched by Law Enforcement. Law Enforcement is pretty well versed in motorcycle clubs and can quickly identify if a motorcycle club is associated with criminal activity.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you take your time on deciding beforehand. Getting accepted into a Motorcycle Club maybe a difficult process but getting out could be even more difficult. Leaving a club could make you lose your social circle which most members depend on.

Motorcycle Clubs in Nigeria:

Wheelers Motorcycle Club - Lagos state
D’ Angels Motorcycle Club - Lagos state
D’Millennials Motorbike Club - Akwa ibom state
Easy Riders Motorcycle Club (ERMC) - Lagos

Peace Riders Motorcycle Club - Plateau state
Ride Easy Motorcycle Club - Lagos state
HardRidaz Motorcycle Club (HRMC) - Rivers state
Stalwart Motorcycle Club - Lagos state
Steel Knight MC (SKMC)- Oyo State
Tinapa Bikerz  - Cross Rivers state
Good Fellas MC Lagos state
Warriors MC - Delta state

Eagles MC -Lagos
Bicnics Bikers - Sokoto
Street Saints Motorcycle Club - Lagos state
09MC - Abuja
Capital City Motorcycle Club - Abuja
Infinite Bikers - Kaduna State
Jewel Bikers Motorcycle Club - Gombe State 



  1. Nice. Good that you are documenting biking in Nigeria. Good to have a place people can go to to have a view on biking and bikers.

  2. Great, doing stuff!

  3. Do you have 1% MC's in Nigeria?

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  5. Independence is sweet, but be ready to pay the price

    Club membership is cool, take it with the benefits and the drama it brings

  6. Their ate two clubs in Lagos that are not on the list of MC in Nigeria. (1)Eagles MC (2) 2Runner MC. Was it because they are not registered with ANMC or SCAN?

  7. Not really, it’s based on association. We have other little clubs which are yet to be known. You can send details to info@bikersmovement.com