Wednesday, February 25, 2015

10 Things about Riding in Lagos

   If you didn’t know riding in Lagos takes dedication, commitment and super passion. Here are 10 things about riding in Lagos.

-    You VS the weather
   The 1st thing you are most likely to encounter as a biker in Lagos is the weather. When it’s hot the heat is intense and when it rains it pours. The weather in Lagos knows no chill. Having a mild windy sunny day in Lagos is like Christmas to a biker. Ignore what Google weather says the weather in Lagos changes in seconds.

-    You VS Traffic  & Insane drivers
Traffic in Lagos is one of the numerous reason we 2 wheelers ditched the cage (bike term for Cars) but riding in Lagos traffic is a struggle and the lord bless you if your bike over heats …you are screwed. Sharing the road with lunatic doesn’t help matters either. Considering 90% of drivers in Lagos didn’t go to proper driving schools and most are clueless about road rules. Once you spot the insane drivers, don’t hassle just flee from this affliction.

-    Manholes
The concrete jungle we call home is lined with destiny changing potholes and manholes…as funny as this may sound it’s a serious life & death situation our government has refused to address.  This destiny changers crawl up when least expected particularly on major highways. Please ride within limits when on a roads you are not familiar with and share man hole sighting with other fellow riders (via forum and group) to keep them alert

Enough about the struggles of a biker, now let’s get to the fun stuff

-    Freedom
The freedom that comes with owning a bike is undeniable and in most cases it changes your perception about life. For me I enjoy riding because it keeps you on your feet as you are constantly calculating. So “In my opinion” you evolve to a point where driving becomes boring.

-    Strangers Complete strangers will start approaching you
You riding into the mall, Party etc and you pretty much break necks (turn heads). The ladies want to say hi because they want a piece of the daredevil and the adventure aura that surrounds you. The guys are hating and unlocking because their girls are drooling over another a biker.

-    You Become A Better Car Driver
Like i mentioned earlier, Riding develops your thinking power (no scientific proof) but it changes the way you apply yourself whenever you find yourself in the luxury of confinement (CARS)

-    Dehydration
Dehydration is high loss of water from the human body and I am sure by now you would know that our dearly beloved sport falls well into this category. A lot of us find ourselves grabbing the 1st form of cold liquid we can find. However there a few tips to stay hydrated and we shall be sharing that with you soon on this blog.

-    THE PIPE ( Guessing Game )
Yes I Said it..The exhaust. When you start riding you start to develop superhuman hearing ability (for hearing exhausts from 1 mile away ) then you start to guess whose bike is coming. Half the time it end is an anticlimax when it turn out its one Danfo or Okada

Biking is deep rooted in brotherhood and nowhere else would you see it than in Lagos .Forget get about the clubs i believe the biking sport is bigger than us all . There is an air of trust and respect to a follow biker then comes naturally. Bikers would stop at ungodly hours to help a total stranger on 2 wheels. “Brotherhood is more here, regardless of class and social status - Baggy Chris
-    Bikers love to party

Yes I said it …we Bikers love to party.

Have you been riding in Lagos? What are your experiences? We would love to hear from you guys?

By Mide Kayode

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  1. Best way to move around the city

    Driving in Lagos is for super people, best way to get sick in the head