Sunday, April 1, 2018

A day With MOTUL

We have said it before but no harm saying it again because we got more confirmed clarification to back up our earlier research from the "pros"  MOTUL.

We covered everything in our  "The Engine Oil Topic" published   15 February 2016, then the biking community was still deep in the ignorance of engine oil choice. We mostly use Car oil which damages our bikes slowly till we transfer the agony to the unfortunate buyer, well you can blame it on the availability of the appropriate recommended oil  and the  illiterate roadside mechanic who transfers their illiteracy to our ignorant self (lol, no offense) the training made me more literate

The training was done in the  Infinity tire compound Isolo, Lagos  who played a great host to the participants, Auto-shop,  Boulos Nig, Bikerz of Lagos etc.

We don't have much to say but refer you to our previous publication and pictures from the training event. We are opened to any  engine oil related question and other motorcycle maintenance issues

            The engine oil is as important to the engine as blood is important to the human body 

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Across the nation by ERMC

We definitely don't have the details yet but follow the link below:

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Ride with Jet - Nigeria Chapter 5

What's really about a biking event.

1. The socialization
2. The excitement of being part of the event
3. The enjoyment (Ecstasy)
4. The ride to the location
5. The "oskie" movement πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ
Well life is short....Enjoy yourself while you live.
It was Saturday morning and the Almighty God, Supreme God, Allah, had giving us life...what do we do that?

Long night for others, short night for some, it was all over the faces of the clubbing men that they didn't have enough sleep. My pal, My friend Christopher Odigie had emergency and had to leave us that early Saturday morning aboard the Kawasaki H2. Lukeman whose business needed some assistance had to disappear and reappear in Portharcourt without fail. Sorry bros...miss ya on the BY showdown but sure more BT's and fun activities agwan.

Breakfast wasn't really up to expectation for a full house hotel, so others went to have their usual local foods in coded locations. A quick check on my bike I realised my front brakes were completely finished as a result of the hard acceleration and hard braking. Didn't have spare so had to re-line. Fortunately there was a mechanic around so resorted to his aid. A few Naira spent...I was waiting for the refix. Frankly we delayed in getting ready for the BT race coupled with the fact that we didn't know the location. And by the time we were ready, time was far gone.

Directions taken, off we left Scorpion King, Clem and Myself were having our own BT on the road to the location. The main junction of the BT race track in Benin City, Evbuobanosa had a famous and lucidly vicious landmark of a motorbike on top of an Arc Tower mounted in between the two opposite dual courage road and can't be missed for that matter. Strangely and surprisingly we blew pass the junction to the BT track grounds and was heading towards only God knows where.

Dragon King who was following us with his super Honda VFR also blazed passed the location. Clem whose drive chain got torn made us stopped. And when we asked. We were told we had passed the place. This was how humility now set in and we realised how crazy we were. Adrenaline junkies for that matter. First time I saw DK angry and these were his words repeatedly "Speed no good ooo....speed no good, you see you people have been speeding and now sped pass the location"
Quickly got Okadaman to tow Clem while we ride back to the so called Evbuobanosa Junction. We couldn't help it than to take pictures of the motorbike on the arc tower.

All these while time was far gone. We got to the race tracks when the 1000cc rave had two (2) more laps to go. 600cc was over unless we watch it on Television later. i.e. if available.
"Lateness to events is not a good thing" - we missed half of the entire race. I can say we missed the motorbike race.

Nonetheless....there were other things to do.
-Selfies with fans and friends
-super sports cars were about to start their race
-the car race (road-X) was also pending.
Alpacino, Badblood28 & Blow came 1st, 2nd and 3rd for the 600cc category  respectively.
And for the 1000cc, the all time Jack Affara was on top of the podium followed by Argo Raak for the 2nd position & B9 as 3rd.

For me, it was a selfie moment and socialization time for I and I.Met majority of bikers and bike enthusiasts that I have heard of at the BT event and it was fun. May I skit and say a big thanks to Jay, a biker friend who dashed me fresh alpinestar gloves. Gloves he promised to give me over 2years ago and still kept it safe till he met me in person. These are men of honor and respect. "Tuale" Baba. God bless you. πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ. Monster energy - proud sponsors were giving free drink of the monster energy drink. Had my share while walking around surveying the activities going on..... Soon it was all done with Master Inyang Effiong winning the road x race of the BMW series 316i to 320i.

After the race Akpos aka Scorpion King and myself tried to reach Moto X and asked permission to have a feel of the track as we intend racing next year but request was turn down that on race day, no other activity is allowed.  Though I mentioned that I came all the way from Ghana and will be glad if I am allowed to just do a spin on the track and prepare for the following year, My pardon was still not accepted. In all, I think I agree with Moto X who had already turned down some other bikers who wanted to have a feel of the race track also. In his words he said " Race day is Race day"...
Closing event was to be held in the one of the hotel in Benin City
Started with several speeches from Moto X and  sponsors, the awards were giving and some entertainment continued hereafter.

Knowing very well we were traveling back by riding to Port Harcourt, then one needed good rest of the body for the ride.So I refused to join the after party which was in one of the known Clubs in Benin City.Off a taxi was arranged for myself and other associates to go and sleep.
The BT was successfully over. Safe journey back home was what was on every bikers lips....πŸ‘„πŸ‘„πŸ‘„

Again ... Jet says thank you.